Visit Winter Park Lodging, Colorado

Originally posted January 2015, updated December 2018

Winter Park, Colorado

Search, “Winter Park” on Google, and chances are the results will come back as Winter Park, Florida.
Why? Because the population there is bigger, there are more establishments,
and they neighbor the global giant, Disney World.

Sure, Winter Park, Florida is a lovely place…

But Winter Park, Colorado is BETTER!

Here’s our evidence:

The Views…

Photos just don’t do them justice here in Winter Park, Colorado. Just come see for yourself.

Yes, Winter Park, Florida has Disney World…

But LIFE is our amusement park in Winter Park, Colorado!

Bike year-round?

We can! And we do, here in Winter Park, Colorado.

Photo Credit: Snow Mountain Ranch

Then there is the happiness factor…

Top 10!

Source: Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index 2014

When it comes to the air…

We have less pollution!

Clean air in Winter Park, Colorado

Traffic blows.

Except in Winter Park, Colorado!

Traffic jam in Winter Park, Colorado.


What’s that?


When it comes to driving…

We can.

Car on winter road Winter Park, Colorado.

In Winter Park, Colorado, you can get higher than sea level.

Literally and legally.


We’ve got options!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa

When it comes to drinking…

We’ll drink you under the table Florida.
(blame it on the elevation or the lifestyle…)

Fraser Valley Distilling opening

Fun at the Fraser Valley Distilling opening


If you’re going to have “Winter” in your name…

Winter Park, Colorado

Act like it.