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Mountain Bike National Championships 

July 23-28, 2019

If you love the adrenaline-pumping rush of fresh air mountain biking, then catch the Mountain Bike National Championships this July in Winter Park, Colorado! With five different competitions, there are more than 1200 participants to watch ride!

Winter Park is one of the best spots with lodging in Colorado for snow sports and winter activities. But it’s also a hit during the summer, offering several miles of biking trails and easy access to hiking and fishing. In fact, the bike trails are so good that Winter Park is recognized as one of the best spots to mountain bike in the entire country! Pack your gear and plan a vacation rental to take advantage of Winter Park today!

USA Cycling has taken notice of the area’s trails, and has decided to host the 2019 Mountain Bike National Championship at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park. The championship will be a six day event, featuring more than 1200 riders. Competitors range in age from young children to older, seasoned veterans, allowing you to see all different levels of skill.


Trestle Bike Park features 40 miles of trails accessible via lift, with trail difficulty varying from easy to ridiculously difficult. Combined with the rest of Winter Park, there are over 600 miles of bike trails, making them perfect for the numerous races held here. Riders of every level can find something for them here, not something you can say about every bike park!


Previously held in Snowshoe, West Virginia, the championships have moved to Colorado. Last year was a very close finish for the men’s professional race between Neko Mulally and Charlie Harrison, with the two finishing within a second of each other. 25 year old Mulally came in first place, upsetting 21 year old Harrison. Harrison is a part of the Southern California Racing team, while Mulally doesn’t have a team. Third place was 22 year old Luca Shaw of Carolinas Cycling, finishing less than two seconds after Harrison. Expect another competitive championship this year, especially with the new location and trails!


The competition this year will consist of both downhill and cross country races. It’ll also feature dual slaloms (think head to head matchups), short-tracks, and enduro (only downhills are timed) races. With all the different types of races, you’ll never run out of action to watch! Maybe you’ve always wanted to try mountain biking, or wanted to know what it’s all about. Seeing hundreds of other people do it might inspire you to come back and hit the trails yourself after the competition!


Winter Park is already a vacation hotspot because of the great winter activities available, so there are many lodging options should you choose to go in the summer, but do keep in mind all the competitors are also looking for places to stay. The area also hosts many live events and there are plenty of summer recreational activities to choose from, offering something fun for everyone in the family! If you need a vacation rental for your trip, look at a wide array of options available to you here!