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Top Winter Events in Winter Park, Colorado

When we go on vacation it’s nice to occasionally join in on a celebration, activity, or community event and truly feel like we are part of the close-knit community that exists in small mountain towns such as Winter Park. In between tearing up the slopes and doing some urban exploring, make sure you check out the various winter events and activities that are being held around you. We understand that it can be difficult to sort through the various websites and calendars to find said events, so we’ve done the hard work and put together a list of some of the top Winter Park events occurring this winter!

Quick and Simple

As we explore the various Winter Park CO events and goings-on, we will start the journey with some of the smaller, more cozy events that you might find yourself fancying while you stay with us. If you are wanting to explore the arts, but theater isn’t quite your thing, head on over to the Coloring Colorado with River Jams hosted in honor of World Rivers Day. This is especially perfect for those who are joining us with little ones, as it will start off with expressive art coloring, which is perfect for all ages, but chances are it’ll especially be loved by the kids. Afterward, hang around for live music performed by a local musician. You also might enjoy having a chance to join the locals in relaxation and Zen with some community yoga taking place on the third Monday of each month.

Christmas Festivities

As December approaches and as the city streets gleam with the light of hundreds of colored bulbs, wreaths deck the doors of every neighborhood, and a crisp festive energy hangs in the air, you will find a variety of Christmas events beginning to take place. For instance, make sure you check out the Festival of Trees. Enjoy meandering through the rows and rows of majestic and beautifully decorated trees and choose your own personal winner of the contest. Afterward, join in the heat of the auction as the various trees are sold off, and feel a warmth in your soul knowing that all the proceeds will be going to various non-profits. Not to mention, Santa was rumored to be making a special appearance.

If you find yourself staying with us for the Christmas holiday, take part in the festivities on Christmas even for the annual Torchlight Parade, where the mountain will be lit up with hundreds of torches, flares, and fireworks as the sun sets, and the Santa begins his long annual journey around the world, though he’ll, of course, have time to show up and shake a few hands before heading out. If you find yourself growing chilly, make sure to grab a nice warm drink as you huddle around the large bonfire at the base, which will give a mysterious flickering glow to the festivities around you.

Embrace the Surrounding Communities at Winter Park Events

While this town does have its own range of unique and interesting events taking place throughout the winter months, you should take the chance to explore some of the surrounding area’s events as well, as you’ll find some are quite unique. If you are ready to feel like one of the locals or are looking to truly celebrate this holiday season, make sure you enquire further with Visit Winter Park Lodging at (970)-363-7458 or book your winter vacation rental online! Winter Park CO events will be the best thing to enjoy during your winter getaway! Contact us today and book Winter Park rentals direct!

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