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Hey Grand Country Realtors and neighbors, want to earn some extra cash? We want to give you some for referring us to your clients! Unlike the big lodging companies, we are local, we live, play and work here just like you and we work hard for our homeowners and guests alike!

Here's how our referral program works:

Refer a homeowner in our service area to us and you could receive a referral payment of up to $1,500. Once the homeowner has signed a one year contract with Visit Winter Park Lodging, and we have the home listed on our website we’ll send you the referral payment. 

Here’s the breakdown of referral fees you could be eligible for. 

Homes, condos or townhomes with a communal or private hot tub:

2 bedrooms $500

3-4 bedrooms $1000

5 bedrooms plus $1500

Homes, condos or townhomes without a hot tub

2 bedrooms $250

3-4 bedrooms $500

5 bedrooms plus $750

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form and one of our team members will contact the homeowner and let them know you referred them to our program. If the homeowner and Visit Winter Park Lodging agree to work together and sign a one year contract you will receive your referral payment after the home goes live on our website. 

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