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Rollin’ Street Bakery

Ready for a fresh and delicious Chimney Cake?

Rollin’ Street Bakery was inspired to bring the strong, sweet smell of sugar and cinnamon that you smell when you are walking through Old Town Prague or touring the architecture of the Orloy astronomical clock to Colorado. With a secret recipe from their great-grandpa recipe book, they have a tasty treat that everyone will enjoy. 

These Chimney Cakes and Cones are always prepared fresh and with the highest quality premium ingredients. Their vision is to share happiness, joy and a part of heritage through unique, fresh and delicious baked goods without preservatives in premium quality. 

Located conveniently along Route 40, Rollin’ Street Bakery will just make your world a little sweeter. Right across the street from several lodging locations, this cozy mid-day spot is a perfect place for tourists and explorers to start their day.

Closing time for this stylish stop is 2 pm, but they are open 7 days a week! These Chimney cakes have a perfect crisp exterior and a soft and fluffy inside and is well complemented by various spreads, fruit and ice cream fillings, and delicious toppings. 

Colorado Caffe

The folks at Rollin’ Street Bakery has brought the Czech heritage to Colorado. Wondering what these Chimney Cakes & Cones are all about?

“Brought to the region by Hungarian nobility, the Czech people took their recipe and made it their own by removing the caramelized glaze and replacing it directly with a rich sprinkling of almond sugar. This variant became a popular street food amongst tourists and locals alike.

The Chimney Cone, on the other hand, has its origins in the beautiful markets of Prague, Czech Republic. Cones are filled with delicious compotes, fruits and ice creams with limitless topping possibilities. The cone’s versatility gave it a level of popularity, which has allowed it to grow well beyond those lively Christmas markets.

At Rollin’ Street Bakery we are pleased to bring our recipe to the beautiful state of Colorado. We offer sweet and savory flavors and have options available for those with dietary restrictions.

Try our variations or get creative and make your own!”

Full Menu

Don’t worry, they have more than just these tasty Chimney Cake & Cone, they are stocked up with various bakery items and yummy coffee.

For the Cake & Cone, you can choose anywhere from sweet to savory. You can make the Chimney, a Chimney dog or stuff the Chimney with yummy ingredients. Along with these options, there are various bakery items including carrot cake, banana bread, coffee pound cake, pies and more. Need a custom cake for a celebration while you are here, they can do it!

Nothin is better than fresh bread and Rollin’ Street is also known for their Real Sourdough Bread. This natural Sourdough has only three ingredients: sourdough starter, water, flour and spices. It’s about as natural as you can get when it comes to bread! Pair your bread with a homemade soup on a cold day after skiing.

They are an allergy friendly bakery with a wide variety of gluten free, and dairy free options! This is your one stop shop for coffee, baked goods, and breakfast and lunch options before you hit the slopes!

You can find them at 78737 Highway 40, Winter Park CO. Their current hours are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 2 pm. Have specific questions or want a custom cake, just give them a call at 970-531-0233.

Let us help you plan your next Winter Park Vacation Rental vacation, and make sure to let Rollin’ Street Bakery know we sent you, give us a call 970-363-7458 today! 

Photo: @RollinBakery 

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