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SolShine Music Festival

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SolShine Music Festival – August 17, 2019

Headliner: Band of Horses

Are you a fan of indie rock? Do you enjoy watching live performances with a mountain backdrop? If you do, come bust a move with us at the SolShine Music Festival this August at the Rendezvous Event Center!

If you’ve never visited Winter Park, you need to book a vacation rental for this summer! With a name like Winter Park, you might think there’s only stuff to do in the winter. While there is an abundance of fun in the winter, the summer scene is growing fast. The area holds host to numerous live events throughout the summer, offering food, music, and entertainment for all ages under the warm Colorado sunshine! Being such a busy area, there’s plenty of options available for comfortable lodging.

Although the Winter Park summer scene is mainly renowned for jazz, blues, and country, it’s branched out to electronic dance and funk music in recent years, hosting the lively SolShine Music Festival. Last year’s festival was a blast, headlined by Lettuce and The Floozies, and opened by Dynohunter. Dynohunter is a unique group, opting to play instruments live to create music (rather than pre-recorded tracks).

Lettuce and The Floozies are actually two separate groups, opting to play together. The Floozies are comprised of two brothers, one being a drummer and the other a guitar player. Their unique approach combines funk and great production to make shows a wonderful experience! Lettuce is another group that touches on funk, while also adding hip hop vibes to their music. The two groups put on an excellent show last year, setting the bar high for this year’s performance.

The SolShine Music festival began in 2012 and featured the bluegrass band Leftover Salmon. Leftover Salmon continued to play at SolShine through 2016, and has since released a studio album. In recent years, SolShine has shifted towards electronic dance and funk music, with artists like Dynohunter, Lettuce, and The Floozies. 2019 swings to Indie Rock

The lineup for SolShine 2019 

Headliner: Band of Horses

Blind Pilot

Rick Lewis Project

What you can expect is another impressive collection of talent, an excellent show, wonderful music, and plenty of sunshine to dance the day away with! Having such a fun day is sure to be draining, so make sure you’ve made lodging arrangements beforehand so you’re ready to go on the day of the festival.

Winter Park, Colorado is part of the Rocky Mountains and has many outdoor activities you might enjoy after the show! Whether you want to get in touch with nature and hike on one of dozen trails, get back to your roots and try some fishing, or even want a casual ride on horseback, you can find it in Winter Park! Home to majestic mountains and plenty of mother nature, it’s easy to get lost in nature here. If you need to book a vacation rental, you can do so here!

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