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Top Five Local Restaurants in Winter Park

One of the best parts of being on vacation is getting the chance to try dishes or places you never have before. We all enjoy the excuse to eat as much as we want while not having to feel guilty about it—after all, you are on vacation! Well, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to choose a place to eat when there is an untold variety for your choosing, not to mention the question of which ones are a must-have experience. We’ve taken out some of the guesswork and have put together a list of the top five local restaurants in Winter Park!

Restaurants in Winter Park: Paellas Restaurant and Bakery

We all love a good sweet every now and then, and it’s even better when it might be something new that we haven’t previously tried—better still if it comes at the end of a scrumptious meal. Offering both dine-in and take-out, Paellas Restaurant and Bakery has you covered on both of these accounts. Serving a collection of dishes from the heart of Spain, this restaurant is sure to have you wishing you could come back. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and offers a variety of both small plates, comfort foods, and healthier options—it even has several vegetarian options! While you will find some classics such as fish or shrimp tacos, you are also sure to see some unique entrees you may have never tried such as Lomito a la Plancha, Paella Mediterranea, or Paella de Carnes. However, make sure you also try their mouth-watering deserts such as Souffle de Chocolate, Guatemalan Fried Plantains, and Tacino de Cielo. Whether you are coming in fresh off the slopes of a winter wonderland or have just come off the hiking trails having spent the afternoon exploring the beautiful scenes of Colorado, make sure you take a chance and try Paellas Restaurant and Bakery.

Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant

While few of us would ever call ourselves true connoisseurs of spirits, we all can appreciate when a good drink has been put before us. Well, that’s what you’re sure to find here at Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant, as fine spirits and drinks are their sole passion in life. You might find it nice to go safe and try their Idle Series which has a fine selection of whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, and cardigan. However, you also might decide to really try something new and give their Wild Series a try. This series, offering similar spirit types as the Idle Series, only they’ve gone ahead and experimented to see if they can truly create something delightfully flavorful as well as wholeheartedly unique. You will find that their bar hosts a wide arrangement of both unique and classic cocktails for you to enjoy while you try out the comfort food they so proudly create. This can be as simple as truffle fries or as complex as a burger; one could even try a bit of it all with a sampler platter. However, make sure you leave room for dessert, as they offer brownies, cheesecake, rum cake, and carrot cake. So, if you are looking to enjoy both the power of spirits, and the delightful flavors of comfort food, make sure you stop by Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant.

Pepe’s Osaka’s Fish Taco and Tequila Bar and Grill

Every now and then we find a restaurant that truly tries to do something unique or new—some manage to, and others don’t. Well, Pepe’s has for sure hit the mark with its fusion of both Latin and Asian dishes! Here, you won’t just find foods that are the perfect balance of sweet and savory, but that also manage to bring in a slight kick to keep things interesting. You will find a range of fused dishes such as Spicy Tuna Nachos, Chipotle Calamari Salad, Surf and Turf Tacos, Spicy Steak Teriyaki Bowl, and Pulpo A La Diabla (or better known as octopus). However, there is more going on here than just interesting sounding meals. They have truly tried to fuse as much as possible between these two cultures as even the drinks host an interesting combination of the best from both worlds. For instance, you just might find yourself falling in love with their Coconut Sake-Rita, which is made from coconut lemongrass sake, silver tequila and homemade sour mix. If you are looking for something truly new and something to tell home about, make sure you stop by Pepe’s Osaka’s Fish Taco and Tequila Bar and Grill!

Smokehouse BBQ

There are certain memories and emotions that come to mind when one hears the term BBQ. For some, they are suddenly thrown back to their childhood with big family cookouts where you would eagerly bite into a juicy hamburger in between cannonballs into the pool. For others, we think of cozy restaurants near Winter Park where we are served heaping helpings of meats and sides. Well, while this restaurant is more the latter, it still brings that sense of joyful warmth that one might find in a childhood memory. What makes them special isn’t just the large portions or the choice of indoor or outdoor seating, but the fact that every night, the next day’s meats begin their slow smoke bath before they are taken out as perfections of the culinary art. You’ll find here your usual selection of delectable meats including brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, hotlinks, turkey, and chicken thighs, as well as your typical comfort food sides like mac and cheese, coleslaw, potato salad and baked beans. However, even if you aren’t able to stay and eat, fear not, for they also offer to-go and curbside pickup. If you find yourself here for a special occasion, make sure to keep them in mind, as they don’t just cook for the hungry masses, but are also more then happy to cater. If you find yourself traveling with a particularly hungry family, they even offer family packs that contain up to 4.5 pounds of meat and four sides! If you are hungry, but maybe not quite that hungry, then you might find their platters or even their sandwiches more your style. No matter how hungry you may be, you can rest assured you will leave full and with a warm sensation in your heart.


We have gone all across the spectrum during our journey through some of the better eateries around town. However, there is no place better to end our discussion than with an intimate and romantic dinner at the upscale Italian restaurant that is Volario’s. Here you will not find plates with questionable freshness or items heated in a microwave. Rather, you will find a delectable selection of homemade pasta, fresh vegetables, hand-tossed pizzas, and homemade sauces. Not only this but given the seasonal menu, you are assured that every bite you take has the freshest of ingredients. While their Fungo or Margherita pizza are both excellent in their own regards, rest assured that even those with a strict diet can eat happily here given their gluten-free crust option. Further, if pizza isn’t quite your thing, then dig into a plate of steaming lasagna or mouthwatering chicken fettuccini. If you happen to have room for dessert, then you will fall in love with their tiramisu or possibly their strawberry cannoli or ricotta cheesecake. As well, you will find that they have a wide selection of red, white, and sparkling wines which will make you feel as if you are eating upon the vineyards of Italy. It comes as no surprise that they have been voted Diners Choice 2020, Travelers Choice by TripAdvisor in 2020, and best of Grand 2019. So, why not end your stay with a romantic dinner at one of the city’s best Italian restaurants.

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