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Winter Park Alpine Art Affair

Winter Park Alpine Art Affair

July 13-14, 2019

Last year artists and art appreciators alike flocked down to Colorado to attend the Winter Park Alpine Art Affair. This year it returns to the Rendezvous Event Center in Hideaway Park for two days, starting on July 13th!

If you’ve never booked a summer vacation rental in Winter Park, then you’re really missing out. The mountainous region offers a vast array of fun and engaging activities for any outdoors or nature lover! While it’s a snow sports hotspot in the winter, it’s a great spot to ride a bike on mountain trails, take a hike and appreciate the scenery, and visit numerous fishing spots while connecting with nature during the summer.

In addition to recreational activities, Winter Park hosts many live events throughout the summer season, offering live music, food, and entertainment in the beautiful Colorado sunshine. The Alpine Art Affair is one of those events, offering aspiring artists a venue to showcase their work. Featuring many different mediums, artists can display art ranging from paintings, woodwork, pottery crafts, photography, or even handmade jewelry. 

Artists are welcome to apply for entry, with only 70 applicants being accepted. Artists can also sell their artwork without a commission fee, only needing to pay fees for a booth and registration. If you plan on setting up a booth, you should anticipate looking for overnight lodging. Applications for the event are due April 30th, with notices mailed out two weeks later!

More likely than not, you’re a connoisseur of art, rather than an actual artist. There’s nothing wrong with that, the Alpine Art Affair still has lots to offer you! In addition to being able to view original artwork from talented artists, there will be music, food, and entertainment for your children. Let the little ones have fun while you browse and appreciate the creativity all brought together in Winter Park. The affair will last from 9-5 on Saturday, and 9-4 on Sunday, giving you plenty of time to swing by!

All artists featured in the Alpine Art Affair are selected fairly based on quality, giving preference to highly original, well-made, and creative work. Artists can’t bring any manufactured content, so you can be sure your money is being spent only on original, hand-crafted artwork from the artist who did it themselves.

The event is hosted by a non-profit group of volunteers that just want both visitors and artists to have a good time. They enjoy being able to help support artists, while also donating proceeds from any fees to the community, aiding schools, art programs, and helping to fund scholarships. Best of all, admission to the Alpine Art Affair is completely free! What’s not to love about that?

If you’re wondering where to make vacation rental plans this summer, look no further. Find lodging in the picturesque Winter Park, Colorado mountain region. Come and appreciate art showcased by the artist, and help directly support them! Beyond the event, you can also find plenty of fun things to do like rafting, horseback riding, or even just hitting the trails on foot! In case you’re planning to come during winter, read on about the amazing winter journey to Winter Park you could experience.

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