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Winter Activities in Winter Park, Colorado Other Than Skiing

When most people think of Winter Park, they are likely to think of tall, towering mountains and days spent flying down the slopes with the cold mountain breeze flowing across one’s cheeks, turning them to a fiery red. Well, one wouldn’t be wrong about this, they might be pleased to learn that is a slew of other activities and things to do in Colorado in winter besides skiing other than just skiing. So, read on and discover some of the ways you could spend this winter vacation!

Snow Play

While there are plenty who wouldn’t call themselves skiers and have no interest in learning, they can still embrace the joys of snow with good old-fashioned snow play, not to mention any little ones you brought along are sure to love the experience. For instance, you could head on over to Winter Park Resort and spend some time at the Coca Cola Tubing hill. Enjoy flying down your choice of 4 lanes as you hit speedy straightaways and fly around banked curves. Then enjoy an easy conveyor-belt ride back to the top to do it all over again. One could also spend the day flying across the countryside as you explore the glistening peaks from the back of a snowmobile. If one is looking for some exercise, one might enjoy spending a day exploring the trails with snowshoes. One could even explore the countryside while being dragged by a group of beautiful huskies, their white coats sparkling in the cold winter sun.

Enjoy a Tour

While exploring on one’s own is, of course, a great way to spend a day, if you are looking to get the most out of your time, you might like to book a tour or two. For instance, you might enjoy taking a tour with Grand Adventures, which offers a range of different options, from rumbling snowmobiles that will take you to 12,000 feet to off-road adventures as you bounce and shake as you make your way in the back of a jeep while your guide shows you the Continental Divide, The Rocky Mountains, and Fraser Valley. One could also view the mountains from the territory of the birds by taking some time to glide above the area in a Hot-Air Balloon ride, or even take a tour of the countryside in the back of a horse-drawn sleigh, which is sure to make any romantic outing all the more special.

Urban Exploring

While the local wildlife and countryside hold enough trails and activities to keep you thoroughly entertained during your stay, all the while never even touching a pair of skis, make sure you don’t do yourself the deserve of not exploring our quaint mountain town. For instance, if you take a trip to Downtown Winter Park, you’ll find over 40 unique shops and boutiques to explore and peruse. After you explore the wares of local shops, you might enjoy taking a trip to the Foundry Cinema and Bowl and enjoy a quiet afternoon of bowling, catching a movie, or even spending some hours reliving your childhood in the arcade. After, you might enjoy allowing the more studious side to come out to play by venturing to Cozens Ranch House Museum, which offers a glimpse into the difficult pioneer days of the late 1800s. The museum, located in the first homestead of Fraser Valley, also hosts several restored buildings of the large ranch complex in which it calls home. This site is even registered as a historic place by the National Registrar, only made more intriguing by the fact it’s the only museum in the Winter Park-Fraser Valley region.

Embrace the Foodie Within

It’s a safe bet to say that, while our specific tastes might be different, we all love food. Well, take the time while visiting Winter Park to try some of the delicious eateries that call the mountains home. For instance, you might enjoy Volario’s for an intimate meal of upscale Italian food. Feast upon a variety of seasonal menu items, all made with local produce. You might want to eat a hand-tossed Pizza made with the heart of Italy, or some creamy Smoked Chicken Fettuccini, or a classic slice of lasagna. You also might enjoy visiting Paellas Restaurant and Bakery, which offers both takeout and dine-in, along with a range of different small plates and eats. For instance, you might savor a taste of their Lomito a la Plancha, or the Paella De Carnes. However, make sure you make the most of the evening and try one of their specialty cocktails and drinks. Finally, you might enjoy taking a peek into Deno’s Mountain Bistro and seeing for yourself why they were given the Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence 2019. Enjoy a variety of wines, perfectly paired with everything from Korean beef tacos to gorgonzola fondue, to even the comfort food of chicken wings.

So, as you can see, there are much more winter activities in Winter Park than just skiing. In fact, if one ignores the skiing, they will find a plethora of activities to lose themselves in and make memories they are sure to cherish long after the vacation is over. If you find yourself wide-eyed from the pulls of desire, then don’t hesitate to contact Visit Winter Park Lodging online or call us at (970) 363-7458 today!

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