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Winter Park Uncorked

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Winter Park Uncorked

August 24, 2019

Fine wine, delicious cuisine, and live music. That’s what you’ll get at Winter Park Uncorked! The wine festival features tastings of several delicate wines, perfect for a casual afternoon in the sun!

When you think of wine, Colorado might not be the first state you think of. Despite that, you can still find some incredible wine in the region of Winter Park, Colorado! You’ll find it at Winter Park Uncorked, the region’s premier wine tasting festival! If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, book a vacation rental today so you don’t miss out on the tastings offered this summer! With the popularity of the park, there’s plenty of lodging to be found.

Winter Park is indeed home to a bustling winter scene, with many great ski slopes and hiking trails to travel along. It also has a growing summer season, hosting some exquisite live events and providing world-class entertainment. Nearing the end of August, summer will nearly be over. That doesn’t mean your fun has to end yet, because Winter Park still has some wine for you to try! Find some good lodging for the weekend of August 24th, because you’re going to want someplace comfortable to sleep after a long, hard day of wine tasting.


Uncorked is a wonderful wine tasting event, offering a broad selection of wine, some food to sample, and live music to dance along with. Another highlight of the event is the annual champagne cork-off, during which contestants will compete to see who’s cork travels the furthest, with the winner earning a prize of champagne!

Previous years of the Uncorked festival have featured a large selection of wines. Last year’s event showcased almost 20 different types of wines, including the local Winter Park Winery, Palm Bay International, Curious Cork Imports, Constellation Wines, and many, many more! The wine and vintners that will be at this year’s event have not yet been announced, but expect a wide selection of tasty wines.

For those that really love their wine, VIP tickets are also available. They usually sell out quickly, because a VIP ticket will earn you access to a wine seminar backstage, along with some very special wines to try. The seminar is hosted by the Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), one of the largest alcohol distributors in the entire country, making it quite a useful and educational seminar.

This summer is going to be hot and beautiful in Winter Park. There will be plenty of sunshine, making it great weather for long hikes, mountain bike rides, or relaxing by the river while you do some fishing. While the area is very nature-centric, there is usually some type of live event happening in the area! The Rendezvous Event Center in Hideaway Park is quite popular, finding itself used for dozens of events throughout the summer. If you haven’t made plans for summer yet, look into the events happening at Winter Park this year and make your vacation rental today! We hope you’ll share a glass of wine with us and maybe even compete in the cork-off!

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