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Start the summer off right with a Memorial Day visit that will have you planning your next visit before you even leave. There is plenty to see and do during your stay in Winter Park that will keep everyone happy and busy and ready to go on the day’s adventures no matter where they may lead.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take to the skies over the beautiful scenery of Winter Park and the surrounding area this Memorial Day. Grand Adventures offers hot air balloon rides that take you high above the mountains and around the Winter Park Fraser Valley area. See the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountain National Park, Fraser River, and more from a bird’s eye view. Flights take off at sunrise, but the views are worth the early wake-up call. Celebrate the flight with a champagne toast after landing.

Water Sports

Up the adventure with water sports. Book a Memorial Day whitewater adventure along the Colorado River where you and your group can navigate mild to moderate (Class II and Class III) whitewater on a half-day or full-day rafting or kayaking trip. Make sure to pack your water gear and store your valuables and anything you don’t want to get wet in a dry bag. For a calmer water experience, choose to stand up paddleboarding where you’ll enjoy a view of the water ahead and distant mountains, or a nearby lake for swimming and boating sports.


There are hundreds of trails and loops perfect for beginners all the way up to the most advanced hikers. Lace-up your hiking shoes and wind through the Arapaho National Forest to see Saint Mary’s Glacier, Monarch Lake, or Loch Lomond. There are trails fit for the kids, as well as trails that allow you to bring furry family members, bikes, or horses.

Moffat Tunnel West Portal

The railroad and water tunnel designed by industrialist David Moffat paved the way for dealing with the costs related to severe snow conditions. The tunnel cuts through the Continental Divide in Colorado and provides a “West Portal” you can explore. If luck is on your side, you’ll see a gigantic coal train using the tunnel to move its load. Don’t forget your camera.

Winter Park Memorial Day Getaway to Winter Park

Enjoy your start to summer with a Winter Park Memorial Day getaway this year. Before you get to planning all the fun you’ll have, make sure to book a vacation rental home with Winter Park Escapes. When you’re not out on an adventure, prepare a home-cooked meal in the fully equipped kitchen. Afterward, spread out in the open living area for some TV or a movie or relax in a private outdoor space. We have units from two bedrooms all the way up to five bedrooms for a Memorial Day reunion. Choose a premium unit for upgrades like stainless steel appliances, granite counters, hardwood floors, flat-screen TVs, and more!

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As world restrictions have begun lifting, we find ourselves craving something we never knew we would miss until we had to live without it for a few years. The annual family vacation was cancelled, as were all travel plans, and we were all forced to find new ways to entertain as we participated in virtual schooling, working, and even museum and zoo tours. Today, however, the end is in sight and as borders begin opening once again you may find yourself planning a family fun vacation in our beautiful mountain home town of Winter Park, Colorado. Offering idyllic landscapes, crisp and clean country air, and a variety of Winter Park family adventures that will be enjoyed by the entire family, the only thing better than a family vacation in Winter Park is a family vacation in Winter Park spent luxuriating in the comforts offered by our Visit Winter Park Lodging family escapes! This guide to fun, adventure, and comfort will ensure that every minute of your stay will be ones you wish could go on forever!

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Take a Hike for Winter Park Family Adventures

Exercise is important and when you are on vacation in Colorado it won’t seem like exercise when you hike to where the wildflowers are! The trails that go along Jim Creek are easy ones, allowing even the smallest legs to do a lot of walking on their own. (We can’t promise that the hike won’t end with a toddler sitting on the shoulders of dad, but those are memories you will look back on fondly when they are grown and living on their own!) The trails here offer fields of wildflowers, forests of lodge pole pine and Aspens, and the occasional wildlife encounter, much to the delight of families from all over the world!

The Family that Rides Together has so Much More Fun!

Every 12 year old girl (and more than a few 12 year old boys!) go through a horse crush stage and you can make your tweens dreams come true when you take part in a guided horseback ride offered through High Country Trails! Located in Fraser, this experience takes riders through some of Winter Park’s most breathtaking landscapes and offers hours of memories you will never forget. The horses are all well trained and friendly, the guides are knowledgeable and personable, and the views will change your life and when you see the smiles that light up your kiddos faces, you know you won’t be able to hold back your own grins of glee!

Angler’s Delight

As our kids grow older they don’t want to spend as much time with us as they did when they were little and we admit it, that hurts more than a little bit. Family vacations are designed to bring that togetherness back and as you grab your poles, bait boxes, and cooler full of snacks and beverages it is time to head to the Fraser River for a morning of bonding experiences. The Fraser River is known as one of the best fishing spots in the region, offering more than its fair share of different varieties of trout. Winter Park Flyfisher offers guided fishing trips in the area, teaching budding fishermen and women all the secrets to fly fishing, embedding in them a lifelong love of the sport!

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What’s for Dinner?

In real life those 3 words can wreak havoc in a busy household of people, but during your family fun vacation in Winter Park, they are just the start of some new and delicious adventures! Pig out on pizza from Hernando’s Pizza Pub (78199 US-40, Winter Park) dive into your favorite all-American dishes at Doc’s Roadhouse (201 Winter Park Drive, Winter Park) or savor some good old-fashioned barbecue at Smokehouse BBQ (78656 US-40, Winter Park)! Every craving will be satisfied no matter which restaurant you choose and when you are seeking, Carver’s Bakery Café, 78336 US-40, Winter Park has the hearty breakfasts your family needs to keep them energized throughout a day of Colorado adventures!

Come Home To Visit Winter Park Lodging

The best part of any family getaway is the time you spend together as a family and our Visit Winter Park Lodging escapes offer comfort and convenience as you do so! Enjoy movie nights watching big screen televisions from the comfort of plush sofas, munching on popcorn made fresh in our fully equipped kitchens. Unplug for a few hours and gather round large dining tables playing board games provided by many of our homeowners for that exact use, building puzzles, or learning the finer points of a rousing game of go fish. Read your youngest kids books as you cuddle together in cloud soft beds, scroll through Tik Tok with your teens, laughing at the antics on the screen, and when the house is quiet and everyone else is asleep, sip a glass of wine and relax in front of a roaring fire with your favorite traveling partner, recapping the wonders of all your adventures so far.

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With a name like Winter Park you might expect that we lock the gates, shutter the stores, and close down until the snow season rolls around again, but you could not be further from the truth. Winter Park is a year round vacation destination, offering something unique, fun, and exciting to do every season of the year and as we all begin to start making plans for our summer getaways, we at Visit Winter Park Lodging think you should turn your interest to our direction; this guide to all that makes Winter Park an amazing summer getaway will help give you a gentle nudge into doing just that and our comfortable and luxurious properties are destined to help make your summer in Winter Park vacation even better!

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Charlie’s Frozen Treat Shop, 78966 US-40

Some of life’s best memories are made from the smallest moments and the age old treat of enjoying something frozen on the hottest days of summer is one of those moments that Charlie’s Frozen Treat Shop specializes in! Offering a taste of summer in Winter Park every day of the year, your favorite fro-yo, ice cream, and gelato can be purchased here and if you are traveling with your fur children, they also sell pup cups and doggie bone’s sure to bring your pet pure bliss!

Fantasy Meadow Hiking Trail

summer in Winter Park temperatures rarely get to be too hot, making outdoor activities your favorite thing to do, including a hike along the Fantasy Meadow Hiking Trail. As the name suggests, the enchanting beauty of this trail will amaze as you hike along cheerful streams, frolic in fields of wildflowers, and explore the quiet beauty of the wildlife that make their home in this exquisite fairy land. Take the Gondola to the top of the mountain and step into a magical landscape that will burrow its way into your soul.

Winter Park Uncorked

As we make our way through the end of the pandemic, many festivals and events are making their way back to the towns and cities across America and Winter Park Uncorked is one summer event that shouldn’t be missed. Taking place on July 30th this year, live music, great food, and wines from all over the country ensure that this will be the most idyllic day of your summer getaway. Also offering a Cork Off in which participants try to pop a champagne cork further than anyone else, the Rendezvous Event Center in Winter Park will be selling tickets at a later date, so be sure to check back often!

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As the sun stays out longer and the grass grows green and lush beneath our feet, residents and visitors start polishing their clubs in anticipation of opening day of golf season. The Pole Creek Golf Club in Tabernash, the Granby Ranch Golf Course in Granby, and the Grand Elk Golf Club, also in Granby, all offer golfers the opportunity to enjoy the perfect day. For families who like the idea of golf but have kiddos that may make a day on the greens a bit uncomfortable, the Meandering Moose Mini Golf course, 528 Grand Avenue in Grand Lakes, promises a pint sized adventure that may help your children blossom into a love of the grown up version of the game!

Mad Adventures with MAD Adventures

White water rafting offers the ultimate in thrills and MAD Adventures, 78311 US-40 Suite 200, offers the opportunity to experience those thrills safely. Featuring rafting trips on the upper Colorado River that take you on a peaceful trip through some of the most beautiful landscape in the state but also give guests a taste of the rapids, this is one experience that will make you the envy of your friends back home.

Shopaholic Paradise

Although shopping is an activity that can be enjoyed all seasons of the year, the mild temperatures make it more pleasant as you walk in and out of the stores. Stop by the Lavender Elephant and check out their summer collections of women’s fashions, visit Uptripping and explore their whimsical art and home décor, or lose yourself in the wares (including souvenirs) offered by Moose Hollow Trading Company, all stores located right here in Winter Park. And because our Visit Winter Park Lodging seasonal sanctuaries offer washer and dryers, you can pack lightly and save room for all the treasures you can’t live without!

Summer Adventures in Comfort

Not all the fun has to be enjoyed outside your Visit Winter Lodging escapes. Sometimes a day spent lounging at home can be the best day of all! Choose a sanctuary that offers a community pool and spend your day splashing with the kiddos or soak in the hot tubs on cooler summer nights. Every day and every night is an adventure in comfort when you choose our Winter Park summer sanctuaries for your seasonal escape. Reserve your favorite today!

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Although it is always nice to get back to normal after the big winter holidays are passed, we often find ourselves missing the closeness and togetherness that each holiday represents! Fortunately, a new batch of holidays are waiting in the wings, each one destined to be memorable as we hang out with family and friends. The next one up to bat, Easter, is not one normally spent in travel mode, but we think it should be! Especially as our Visit Winter Park Lodging holiday hideaways offer all the comforts of home and a welcoming ambience designed to bring families and friends even closer together! If your Easter journey finds you in Winter Park, Colorado this April 17th, this guide to all the fun you can have during your stay will perhaps lead you to the start of a new holiday tradition!

Add some Winter Park Easter Charm to your Seasonal Sanctuary

The Easter Lily brings charm to the celebration of the holiday and there is no reason why you can’t add one to the décor of your Visit Winter Park Lodging home away from home. Stop by the Safeway in nearby Fraser and explore the beauty of the Easter flowers in their floral department. Located at 40 CO Road 804, the ever-present Easter Lily is sure to be on display, so go ahead and buy one for the dining room table and let the scent of the lily sweeten up your Easter celebration as it wafts through the house bringing smiles to all who experience its scent!

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Seasonal Sports

Winter Park Ski Resort stays open until the middle of May, so as the Easter Bunny hops on over for his annual visit, you can enjoy the waning days of the ski season. For those who haven’t quite mastered the skills of schussing, hiking is always a good option, just be sure to bundle up to stay warm during your travails. Take a hike along the Fraser River Trail, enjoying views of the landscape as the river passing below provides a “musical” accompaniment to every step you take. This enjoyable hike is an easy one, lasting 5-miles roundtrip, and is perfect for enjoying one last Easter snowball fight! For those seeking more of a challenge, the Yankee Doodle trail (bet you’re humming the Yankee Doodle song right now!) leads you high above the horizon, giving Easter hikers a workout that will help pre-empt any extra pounds that may drift to your hips after the Winter Park Easter feast!

A Feast to Remember

The best part of most holidays is the family feast and Easter is no exception. Choose to create a meal that will never be forgotten in our fully equipped gourmet kitchens or give mom a break and explore the culinary landscape of Winter Park! The Waffle Cabin in Winter Park Village offers a sweet way to start your day while Doc’s Roadhouse is destined to be your favorite lunch spot in all of Winter Park, even if they don’t offer an Easter Brunch! Moffat Station Restaurant has an amazing Marinate Lamb Leg, served with roasted cauliflower, spiced carrots, creamy polenta, and lamb sauce, ensuring that your Winter Park Easter celebration will be a deliciously memorable one!

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Holiday Traditions

Every family has their own traditions for family celebrations, including Easter, some want to start the day with a sunset service, others prefer to spend the day together playing board games, and still others, may prefer to take this time to participate in family outings. Our own families love to go to the movies on Easter, after all the feasting and egg hunting has been completed, and if that is one of your holiday traditions, you may be excited to learn that “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” is scheduled to be released on Easter weekend and is sure to be showing on the big screens at the Foundry Cinema & Bowl, located at 22 Second Street in Fraser!

With the Family

These are just a few ideas on how you can fill the minutes of your Easter break and we are sure you have more of your own, but before we leave you to your own devices, we have one last thought. Our real lives are filled with hassles, hustles, and too many things that we HAVE to do, making it imperative that we take a step back every once in a while and do the things we WANT to do with our families. Choosing to stay home and enjoy the comforts of our Visit Winter Park Lodging holiday hideaways can be the perfect way to tighten family bonds. Hiding eggs for your littles to find under massive pine trees in the backyards, creating an Easter feast in our fully equipped kitchens. Watching Easter shows on state of the art televisions, kissing your babies goodnight as they fall asleep in cloud soft beds dreaming of the treats the Easter Bunny will leave for them, and sitting in front of a roaring fire, wine in hand, rehashing all the fun you have had on your Easter getaway in Winter Park. These moments make memories you will never forget and will be made all the better when you choose Visit Winter Park Lodging for your seasonal sanctuary! Reserve your favorite today!

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With a name like Winter Park, you may expect it to close down shop during the other 3 seasons of the year, but our small mountain town offers fun adventures every season of the year! Fiery vistas you won’t want to miss in the fall, verdant and lush greenery in the summer months, and during the spring? Offering the waning days of winter (no matter what the calendar says) and the promise of spring that will take your breath away, your summer adventures in Winter Park promise to help you make memories you will never want to forget. This guide to spring in the Winter Park mountains will give you a few ideas as to what you can expect from March through May.

Snow on the Mountain

Unbelievably, ski season in Winter Park often lasts through the first week in May, so be sure to pack your warm clothes. Offering a last chance blast on the slopes, spring may be shy, but the fun you have as you snowboard and ski will make sure your seasonal escape starts with a bang! Spend your days on the slopes and your evenings enjoying the warmth and comforts of après ski at the Derailer Bar, our favorite hangout at Winter Park Resort. The lower areas of Winter Park will offer less snow, but the Coca-Cola Tube Park offers plenty of sledding opportunities for thrill seekers of all ages. Closing for the season in mid-April this year, April 17th to be exact, the tube park offers multiple lanes with sharp curves for banking, a covered conveyor belt for easy (and warmer) access to the top, a warming hut at the top, and a warming lodge at the bottom that sells hot cocoa to be enjoyed by a roaring fire as players warm up before heading back to the tubes for another go!

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April Weekends

As we eek every last bit of fun out of the winter months, April weekends are for enjoying a taste of the cold and a preview of the summer with their Spring Bash & Splash! This free celebration of the season offers live music, cold brews, and some of the best food truck vendors in the county. The Big Wonderful Beerfest and Bluegrass event is scheduled for the first weekend in April this year, week 2 offers the Country Bash, week 3 is for our Retro Bash where guests are asked to wear costumes from their favorite decade and music of the 80s and 90s will be much appreciated, and the final week? This wonderful Bash & Splash comes to a close with a Beach Bash Splash! Offering Hawaiian shirts, tropical drinks, and a chance to catch some rays as you play in the last of the snow, it is also time for the SPLASH segment of Bash & Splash. Skiers schuss down a small slope and try their best to skim across the pond at the bottom, if successful cheers ring out through the air and if not? Well, it’s going to be a mighty cold rest of your day if you don’t bring a change of clothes! And yes, everyone is invited to try; are you brave enough?

May is Fishing Season

As the runoff from snow melting on the mountain fills the streams and rivers that dot the landscape of Winter Park and the surrounding town, fishing becomes a big deal once again! The Fraser River is home to Brown, Rainbow Trout, Brook and Cutthroat Trout with the best access areas being found along the Fraser River Trail (if not everyone loves to fish, May is a beautiful time for a hike along the river!) and regulations state that all Rainbow Trout must be released. A fishing license is required and can be purchased at many of our local sporting stores, including Winter Park Trading Company or it can be purchased online at And remember, if the fish are jumping but aren’t biting, the experience of sitting on the banks of the Fraser River with a pole in hand, a cooler at your side, and the Winter Park mountains standing guard in the background will bring peace and make happy memories. If you do catch your limit, chances are your Visit Winter Park Lodging seasonal sanctuary has a grill on its deck for optimum cooking enjoyment!

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Stay in and Play

On the coldest days, you may find yourself more interested in staying home and exploring all the amenities found in our Visit Winter Park Lodging escapes. The Spring is a great time to go on a workcation to Winter Park so if you’re here for a workcation we have the lodging you’ll enjoy while you’re here. Offering rustic lodge cabin styles and modern amenities, guests can stay warm as they lounge near roaring fires, soak in the simmering bubbles of outdoor hot tubs, or enjoy family game nights at tables built for families. Fully equipped kitchens offer updated appliances so why not bake some cookies with the kids for a sweet treat they will never forget? Comfortable beds in tranquil bedrooms, spa-like baths, and a welcoming warmth that makes all who reside within feel treasured are hallmarks of a Visit Winter Park Lodging vacation home. Reserve your favorite today!

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The joys of a road trip have been a uniquely American experience since the days of covered wagons. Back then, of course, when we loaded our wagons with everything we owned and began our travels, there was no GPS to guide us, no roadside diners to feed us, and often there wasn’t even a home to shelter us against the elements, which probably made an early trip to Winter Park in the spring months slightly scary! Today, however, your comfortable car is loaded with suitcases and ski gear, your teens have their ear buds in and their attention turned to the tiny screens in their hand, and the roads are paved, smooth, and all leading to your Winter Park spring escape and an adventure in fun and comfort in our Visit Winter Park Lodging abodes!

Did we Say Ski Gear?

In other parts of the world, spring is when the snow melts and the flowers begin to push their way through the fertile soil, but in Winter Park, spring is still a winter like wonderland! The 2021-2022 ski season is not scheduled to end until May 3rd, ensuring many more fun runs down the slopes are in your future. If space is limited in your car, however, you can leave the skis at home and rent all the equipment you need at any of the sporting good shops in town, including Beaver’s Sports Shop, Epic Mountain Sports, and on the mountain at Winter Park Ski Resort!

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Spring Bash & Splash, April 2nd through April 24

Celebrating the end of winter with a big party is always a great idea and the weekends in April are destined to be your favorite time to visit as you participate in our Spring Bash & Splash. Offering live music, tasty food, and a variety of special events destined to be the highlights of your road trip, there’s never a bad time for a party in Winter Park, Colorado!

Cozens Ranch Museum, 77849 US Highway 40 in Fraser

If you truly want to understand what those early settlers encountered when they took part in their own road trips with an end destination to the Winter Park area, the Cozens Ranch Museum will paint a clear picture! At different times during its lifespan, the museum has been a stagecoach stop providing food and shelter to weary travelers, home to the local sheriff, and a prosperous cattle ranch. Today it serves as a window into the past and promises to be an intriguing and entertaining adventure during your road trip to Winter Park!

Blue Sky Massage, 21 Telemark Drive Unit 201 in Winter Park

All those hours spent behind the wheel of your road trip are sure to add some kinks, aches, and pains to your tired muscles, so why not spend some of your vacation hours enjoying the pampering that is provided by Blue Sky Massage? Offering a variety of spa packages, their tourist package is a great one for travelers who may have trouble adjusting to the altitude of Winter Park. Combining aromatherapy and massage, you will walk out of Blue Sky ready to conquer the world!

Discover More Things To Do in Winter Park

Take a Road Trip within a Road Trip

Now that you have had a few days to relax and get the kinks out, you may be looking to explore more of the Colorado country side with another road trip to Winter Park, one that begins and ends in your Visit Winter Park Lodging spring escape! The landscape of Colorado is a joy to see and there are some unique places to visit, including the west portal of the Moffat Tunnel. Built in the late 1920s, the concrete structure maintains an art deco vibe popular to the area and still provides a portal for trains to go through today. The gateway to the Rocky Mountains lies just 35 miles away from our own mountain town, and just 30 miles away you will find the town of Hot Sulphur Springs. The hot springs in Hot Sulphur Springs will definitely take care of any lingering travel pains that the massage at Blue Sky was unable to conquer!

Explore the Comforts of your Visit Winter Park Lodging Spring Sanctuary

After that long car ride, you may not feel like doing anything more strenuous than hanging out at home and we are perfectly ok with that! Many of our Visit Winter Park Lodging properties come with a hot tub out under the stars, access to community amenities, or even fire pits around which you can stay warm, roast marshmallows, and tell your favorite ghost stories! Stay up late into the night, watching the sky change as the stars all come out to play and pull the curtains closed in your cozy bedroom retreat, to keep the sun from waking you up too early. Reserve your favorite Visit Winter Park Lodging spring sanctuary today! Contact us now.


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Like snowflakes, every traveler is different and just because some members of your family love to ski, it doesn’t mean that everyone is amenable to the idea! The cold, the snow, and the way it hurts when you fall, well, we understand that snow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but that does not mean you have to skip Winter Park for your winter vacation! We are more than just a ski town, offering a plethora of exciting things to do in Winter Park and see, and this guide to everything that makes Winter Park wonderful only improves as you discover how staying in one of our Visit Winter Park Lodging vacation escapes will enhance your getaway!


Our second favorite vacation activity, no matter what our destination happens to be, is exploring the shops that make up the landscape of the towns we visit. And although Winter Park is not a large town, the variety of stores we offer will more than keep you occupied while your snow loving family hits the slopes. Art galleries featuring the works of local artists (Karen Vance Fine Art is a local favorite!) boutiques that encourage you to be yourself (Be…Boutique accepts you just the way you are) even sweet shops like Treeline Treats will help you feel so much better about not joining in the fun on the slopes!

A Taste of Culture

Museums are another popular way to get to know the town of Winter Park better and two vastly different establishments jump into our minds, the Cozens Ranch Museum and Headwaters River Journey. Cozens, located in nearby Granby offers a fascinating portrait of early life for local settlers with the building it is housed on actually being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Headwaters River Journey, located right here in Winter Park, however, is an altogether unique museum, offering an interactive experience that explores the rivers that run through the Colorado landscape. Designed to impress both kids and adults, it is the perfect place for you and your child, a fellow non-skier, to tighten your bonds as you learn about the world’s most precious resource.

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Mountaintop Après

Just because you don’t want to ski, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the most popular pastime of all, the après ski “party” held at Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge at Winter Park Resort. Taking place every Friday and Saturday from January through April, access to the Gondola is free after 4, allowing non-skiers to enjoy the fun. Offering live music (a different band each night) cocktails, and views of the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen in your life, Mountaintop Apres is about to become your new obsession!

Spa Day for the Win

What’s better than being warm and cozy inside during your escape to Winter Park? Being warm, cozy, and pampered by the amazing staff at Blue Sky Massage. Located at 21 Kings Crossing Road Unit 201 in Winter Park and offer a wonderful range of services that include multiple ways to be pampered, your skin, muscles, and body will thank you for the experience! Their Winter Wonderland package offers a body massage with peppermint oil, a foot massage in which your tootsies will be exfoliated, massaged with shea butter, and relaxed with hot compresses that will make you forget that just minutes ago you were trudging through the cold snow. The scalp massage included in this package will make you forget everything else except just how good it feels!


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The Romance of Ice Skating

People who don’t like heights are prone to not like skiing, but skiing isn’t the only winter sport that you can try out during your stay in Winter Park. Ice skating still gets you out there in the crisp air and when you ice skate holding hands with your favorite traveling partner, your winter getaway becomes a romantic journey you will never forget. The Village Ice Rink, located in Winter Park, opens as soon as the ice is hard enough and stays open until warmer days arrive once again!

Eternal Summer in the Mountains

And finally, for the travelers who always have their faces turned to the sun, the Grand Park Community Rec Center allows you to experience summer in the depths of winter! Offering waterslides, pools, a lazy river, and everything you need for a resort vacation in a winter playground, the rec center is designed to keep you entertained and fit; it also offers a rock climbing wall, fitness classes, and a host of other things to do in Winter Park that will definitely counteract all the calories you have been ingesting while on vacation!

Stay Home and Play

Let your family brave the wilds on the ski slopes as you soak in the hot tub, nap on comfy sofas, or sit in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and a good book! Reserve your favorite Visit Winter Park Lodging winter escape today!


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A ski vacation in Colorado is a dream for many visitors, but for the daredevils in your life it may be just another trip as they ride the lifts up and ski down groomed slopes time and time again. A Winter Park backcountry ski vacation, however, promises to be exactly the adventure thrill seekers need in their lives! When you combine the excitement of your skiing activities with the comforts and luxuries found in our Visit Winter Park Lodging seasonal sanctuaries, your vacation dreams will come true in every way possible. This backcountry Winter Park ski guide will help fill every minute of your Colorado vacation with fun, excitement, and adventures you will never forget!

Winter Park Ski Guide: Skiing Is Always a Good Idea

Many of us have been skiing since we were little tykes, learning the difference between a pizza slice and French fries, and although we won’t say that skiing on groomed slopes and trails is boring, after a while it can become a bit more mundane, even when you are on the double black diamond trails. The backcountry of Winter Park, however, brings the excitement back into the sport, offering excitement, wonder, and some really good exercise, if that’s something that interests you. Imagine spending your day skiing on slopes where the white snow is untouched, feeling tiny and insignificant amidst the natural landscape of the mountains that surround you. Berthoud Pass Ski Area is one of our favorite places to experience the thrill of backcountry skiing, having once been one of the premier backcountry ski and snowboarding areas until its closure in 2002. Today, its 65 trails and 1200 acres keep it desirable for thrill seekers. It is a simpler place to try out the sport; some of the trails can even be reached easily off the pass, but most will still require a hike to get to the top. The peak at Berthoud Pass reaches over 11000 feet and exciting skiing opportunities can be explored off both sides of the highway.

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Cross Country Through the Back Country

Not all ski adventures have to involve steep slopes and daring escapades. Some of your favorite memories will be of the times you simply strapped on a pair of cross country skis and made your way across the landscape. The 2nd Creek Trail, located at mile marker 240 west of Berthoud Pass, offers an extremely popular backcountry cross country ski experience, and because of the Broome Hut, you can still enjoy a bit of warmth at the beginning and end of your cross country adventures! Explore the natural beauty of this area, skiing for as little or as long as you want, reveling in the quiet and seclusion of the countryside, and when you have had enough of the cold, spend a little time in the day room of the Broome Hut, letting your muscles warm up before heading back to the luxury of your Visit Winter Park Lodging mountainside escape. When looking for a back country experience that isn’t as strenuous as the 2nd Creek Trail or Berthoud Pass, the Jim Creek Trail offers a more moderate cross country ski activity. Easily reached from the Winter Park Ski Resort, it features a gradual ascent with views of the mountains guaranteed to impress and is a popular snowshoeing trail as well!

Extreme Adventures

The most extreme of backcountry ski activities can be experienced with the help of the Jones Pass Guides where your adventures will begin and end on the back of a snow cat with lots of backcountry skiing taking place in between! Offering all the equipment needed for an unforgettable day in the backcountry, a deli lunch, and two free beers to be enjoyed at the end of your adventures! The Jones Pass Guides adventures last the entire day and with reservations, professional photographs can be taken, forever commemorating the exciting experiences you will enjoy during your day in the backcountry of Colorado!

The Days You Will Never Forget

Whether your idea of an exciting adventure involves nothing more than a sled ride down a hill or a snowball fight in the park, or if your need for speed has you tearing down the backcountry slopes, feeling wild and free in the shadows of the mountains, choosing Visit Winter Park Lodging will be the exclamation point at the end of every day! Offering luxury, warmth, and comfort, our sanctuaries are designed to make you feel instantly at home from the first moment you step inside the door. Soak in hot tubs on the deck or jetted tubs in the bathrooms, enjoy meals prepared in our fully equipped kitchens, and discover how enjoyable the quiet moments in life can be as you watch the sun set over the mountains each evening of your stay. Reserve your favorite escape today!


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The beauty of love is knowing how much stronger it can get, and as you begin to start planning for your Winter Park Valentine’s Day escape, spending it in one of Visit Winter Park Lodging’s cozy love nests is destined to make your romance burn strong! Offering quiet luxuries and romantic comforts, you and your Valentine will have a holiday you never forget. Spend your days exploring romantic things to do in Winter Park CO and your nights enjoying all the comforts of home. The following guide will help keep you happy and entertained during your enchanting Colorado adventures in Winter Park.

The Couple That Spas Together

A romantic massage is always the highlight of your day, but one person is always left out as the massager does all the work and other person reaps all the benefits! That is why a couple’s massage offered by Blue Sky Massage, located at 21 Kings Crossing Road Unit 201, is our first suggestion for a romantic activity. Offering both a standard massage and a deep tissue massage for couples, both parties will feel relaxed and refreshed as they renew the bonds of love at the hands of two of the most talented masseuses in town. Offering 60-minute, 75-minute, and 90-minute packages, Blue Sky Massage is very popular, so we suggest reserving your couples massage in advance!

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Dashing Thru the Snow

More than just a line in a Christmas carol, Dashing Thru the Snow is a business that offers the next romantic activity on our list! Located in nearby Fraser and offering sleigh rides through the snow-covered landscape, your romantic getaway will be lacking if you don’t sign up for a ride on a horse driven sleigh. Cuddle together under warm blankets on your private sleigh ride, listening to the crunch of the snow and the jingling of the bells attached to harnesses of the horses, and discover a magic that will linger in your heart for years to come. The views will be incredible as you come to the part of the trip that involves hot cocoa and a roaring fire before heading back to home base. This is one of the most fun things to do in Winter Park CO!

A Bird’s Eye View

Not all Valentine’s couples are married; some are choosing this special day to pop the big question, and when it’s your time to get down on your knees, the most romantic way to do so is aboard the basket of a hot air balloon as it floats over the snowy landscape. Grand Adventures Balloon Tours, also located in Fraser, offers sunrise flights every day of the year, but reservations for Valentine’s Day should be made soon! Specializing in engagement flights, Grand Adventures is happy to announce they have 100% “yes” rate, so if you are unsure about the response, a hot air balloon engagement query is definitely one way of ensuring the odds are in your favor!

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Wine and Love

A truly good wine elevates any date experience, and if you, like many others before you, equate wine with love, a visit to Winter Park Winery is destined to be your favorite romantic activity. Located at 325 Zerex Street in Fraser and offering a tasting room decorated with colorful artwork, it’s the perfect place to sit, sip, and savor the wonder of your romance. If you don’t want to mingle with the public, you can always buy a bottle or three and enjoy them in the comfort of your Visit Winter Park Lodging love nest!

Date Nights on Vacation

If you have been a couple for a while, chances are you have pushed date nights to the wayside as your busy life and work schedule leaves little room for entertainment, but a romantic night on the town is just what you need while vacationing in Winter Park. The Foundry Cinema & Bowl offers the perfect way to bring fun back into your love life as you bowl a few rounds, eat the foods you rarely let yourself eat anymore, and watch the latest releases in leather seats that offer cupholders and a foldaway tray!

Stay in for the Evening

When the mercury is dropping and the snow is blanketing the Winter Park landscape, you and your love will stay warm and cozy in our vacation love nests. Choose a home with a fireplace and sip the wine you purchased while snuggling in front of a roaring fire, perhaps sweetening the night even further with a treat purchased from the Sweet Life Candy Store found in downtown Winter Park. Reserve your favorite Visit Winter Park Lodging vacation escape and celebrate the love that only the two of you share!

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When you’re on the hunt for a versatile ski destination in Colorado that captures the essence of the mountains while offering a family-friendly ski ambiance as well, there’s no place better to find yourself than Winter Park Ski Resort when the fresh powder falls. Situated in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, this ski resort has long been a fan-favorite amongst ski enthusiasts from near and far looking for a place to admire the landscape and put their downhill skills to the test too. Winter Park Ski Resort offers up a scenic and exciting destination for visitors to enjoy who are just as excited to make the most of the slopes as they are to explore the surrounding terrain. Surrounded by the Fraser Valley, Winter Park is home to more than 600 miles of multi-use trails as well as lakes, reservoirs, and no less than two national forests as well. Within reach of the Grand Lake entry to Rocky Mountain National Park, this is a place with much to offer when you’re looking for the ultimate ski vacation experience. These days, getting here for a ski vacation is easier than ever thanks to the Winter Park Express. This mode of transportation runs between Winter Park and Denver’s iconic Union Station on the weekends, allowing skies to leave the car behind and simply focus on the downhill fun that awaits.

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A Winter Park Ski Resort Rundown

There’s a lot to look forward to when you plan a ski getaway to Winter Park and a legacy of excellence to enjoy as well. This ski resort has a more than 80-year history to its name and enjoys the title as the state’s longest continually operated ski resort around! Year after year, the Winter Park Ski Resort tops lists of fan-favorite ski destinations in the country with good reason. The resort receives over 320 inches of snow annually and is recognized as a place where skiers can count on a consistent snow season without fail. This ski destination is home to two distinct mountains for visitors to enjoy. Areas to explore by ski include The Cirque, Eagle Wind, Parsenn Bowl and Vasquez Ridge. The resort sits at an elevation of 9,000 feet with a summit stretching into the sky at an impressive 12,060 feet. Those who head this way to make the most of the fun will find more than 3,000 skiable acres waiting to greet them made up of 166 designated trails and over 1,200 acres of off-piste terrain too. About 8 percent of the skiable land at Winter Park Ski Resort is appropriate for beginners while 18 percent is set aside for intermediate athletes and 52 percent is suitable for advanced skiers. 3 percent of the landscape is ideal for those who fall into the expert skier category. In total, this resort hosts 23 lifts and a gondola suitable for up to 10 people at a time. Guests can access 6 high-speed express quads and three surface lifts in addition to a rope tow and six double chair lifts on-site. That consistent ski experience stems from the fact that snow is made on 27 of the trails at this resort, ultimately covering over 300 acres of land. This approach to snowmaking allows the resort to open with confidence before Thanksgiving most years!

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Book Lessons in Advance

If you’re new to skiing or could use a refresher before hitting the slopes at Winter Park, you’re in luck! A full lesson package for $149 can be booked in advance of your arrival when you’re hoping to feel confident on the slopes. This package includes a half-day of lessons as well as gear rentals and lift access for a comprehensive and convenient learning experience. The half-day lessons are hosted as a group experience and are taught for both kids and adults by experienced and friendly instructors.

Gear Rental Options

If you don’t have your own gear to bring with you to Winter Park Ski Resort, there’s no need to worry. Gear and equipment rental options are available right on the mountain. At Winter Ski & Snowboard Rentals, visitors can reserve their needed gear up to 72 hours in advance and enjoy the best rates on quality equipment around. Rentals can be picked up the night before your skiing fun starts as an added convenience and a helmet is included in every single rental booked.

Dine-in Style

When a day of skiing has left you with cravings to curb, there are plenty of savory stops to be found in this area. When you’re here, be sure to check out Deno’s Mountain Bistro for apres-ski delights. If you need to fuel up before your day of fun, head over to Carver’s to do exactly that!

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Your Winter Park ski adventure is waiting for you…so what are you waiting for? Reach out to Visit Winter Park Lodging today to book the accommodations that are close to the fun and keep you living your best life during your amazing vacation.

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