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Welcome TO Base camp 490

We hope you have arrived safely and had no trouble finding our Basecamp 490 home for your stay.

We know you must be ready to relax and start your vacation, and we want you to make yourself at home right way. We just ask all guests to go through the home and report any dissatisfaction within the first 24 hours to us or our housekeeper.

Visit Winter Park-Lodging office
M-F 9-5

After hour’s assistance number:
please use this line for emergencies

If you have non-emergency events please email,
message us through your booking engine such as Airbnb, VRBO or others, or leave a
message on our non-emergency line.

We encourage you to browse through past guest entries in our guest book and leave
your own as well.

The Address of this home is

Base Camp 490, also called Base Camp B-1

490 Iron Horse Way
Winter Park, Colorado, 80482

  • Total mileage from Denver is 67 miles. From DIA Airport approx 90 miles.
  • From Denver, take I-70 West from the Denver airport, take Exit 232/Hwy 40 to Empire (about 10 minutes past Idaho Springs) and follow Hwy 40 north up and over Berthoud Pass and down into Winter Park.
  • Turn LEFT at the first stoplight and onto Winter Park Drive. This is the main entrance to Winter Park Resort.
  • Go west (down the hill) approximately 1/2 mile.
  • Turn LEFT on Iron Horse Way, at the entrance to Iron Horse Resort.
  • Follow Iron Horse Way as it curves around the back side of Iron Horse Resort.
    Bear right
  • Base Camp 490 is in the unit on the end, just past the entrance to a cul-de-sac.
  • Park in the driveway in front of the unit marked 490.
  • CHECK-IN: 4 pm – Please do not show up early without permission, we work hard to make sure the unit is clean and thoroughly inspected for the incoming guest. 
  • CHECK-OUT: 10 am or earlier. Please leave property at this time, this allows time for the cleaning crew to clean the property prior to the next check in.  At check-out, please be sure all doors and windows are locked and all fireplaces are turned off.

We have keyless entry. You will receive a unique code in your confirmation email. The code is valid starting at 4 pm on your check-in day and until 10 am on your departure date.

  • TO UNLOCK: Press 4-digit access code provided in check-in instructions and then press lock button. 
  • TO LOCK: Press lock button.

There is parking for two cars: one car in the garage and one car in the driveway. The driveway is heated. The timed control is in the garage. It can be set for up to 12 hours.

Please do not park across the street. Those spots belong to the Iron Horse complex. Do not park in the cul-de-sac or in neighboring driveways.

Additional Parking Options:

Vintage Hotel

Located just around the corner at the main entrance to Winter Park Resort. Overnight parking is available in the portion of the lot below the Cabriolet. Kiosks accept credit cards for payment. Rates: Full day paid parking for $20/day on weekends (Sat-Sun) & holidays and $5 on weekdays (Mon-Fri). Rates are subject to change, especially around holiday periods.

The Village Parking Garage

Located just around the corner as well. When exiting Base Camp and Iron Horse Resort, turn left on Winter Park Dr. Proceed just past the traffic hut and turn left on Nystrom Lane. After passing the bus depot on your right you will see a 3-level parking garage. Rates: $25 for a full day or $15 for a half day (beginning at noon). Parking here is free after 3 pm through 6:59 the next morning.

Downtown Winter Park Parking Garage

Free overnight parking is available at Cooper Creek Square parking garage. Exit Base Camp and Iron Horse Resort, turn right on Winter Park Dr., Take Highway 40 west towards downtown Winter Park. Once downtown, take a left onto Vasquez Road and you will see the parking garage on your right. Rate: FREE.

We’ve also had success parking overnight on the side of the road at the intersection of Iron Horse Way and Winter Park Dr., but you do so at your own risk.

Network: BaseCamp490
Password: passw0rd

  • Smoking is NOT allowed in the house.
  • Pets are NOT allowed in the house. (Owners are allergic to dogs and cats)
  • Parties are NOT allowed. Quite hours from 9pm – 8am
  • General cleaning supplies available below the kitchen sink.
  • Extra batteries and light bulbs are in the drawer below the microwave.
  • TV – there are smart TVs with Xfinity Comcast cable, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more in the living room, basement bonus room, and in each bedroom. The living room and basement bonus room TVs have DVD players.

A housekeeper will clean after your stay, but we do appreciate it if you could take some simple steps upon departure:

  • Trash. All trash must be removed from the premises and taken to the Base Camp dumpster prior to your departure. The trash and garbage dumpster is located on Iron Horse Way, between the entrance to the Base Camp cul-de-sac and Breeze at Ski Depot. Walk down the Base Camp 490 driveway, turn left and walk toward the entrance of the cul-de-sac. Continue walking past the cul-de-sac toward Iron Horse Condos and the Ski Broker rental shop. The dumpster is inside a wooden trash enclosure on the left. Please be sure to use the bear bars to discourage the local dumpster-diving wildlife neighbors.
  • Recycling. Unfortunately Base Camp does not have a recycling program. Winter Park has a community trash and recycling center located at 440 GCR 72 in Fraser. Single stream recycling is available at no charge, however trash is a pay-as-you-throw system.
    Do not leave any perishables in the refrigerator.
  • Please put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start it at least 2 hours before you leave.
  • Please start a load of towels to help housekeepers get started. 
  • Make sure to get all your personal belongings. Items left behind will be returned to you (at your expense). We are not responsible for anything left behind.
  • Be sure that the fireplaces have been turned off.
  • Thanks for reporting any damages or broken items to the management before departing.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked.
  • Make sure the back door is locked (lift the handle and turn the lock).
  • Make sure the front door is locked.
  • Children should never be left unattended in the unit. Please use extreme caution with children around the stairs, bath tubs, toilets, balconies, fireplaces and hot tub.
  • Hot tubs are relaxing and enjoyable, but are not safe for children. Adults should use common sense when using these amenities. If you have a medical condition, please consult a physician before using the hot tub.
  • Never leave cash or valuables unattended in the unit or in your car. Be sure to lock all doors and windows to protect our belongings and yours. Never leave the condo without locking up.
  • Please remember that you are renting a privately owned home. Please use it with respect. Do respect your neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum after 9 pm and before 8 am.
  • Please wrap, store and refrigerate all foods and drink for cleanliness purposes.
  • Please conserve electricity and gas. Turn off lights and fireplaces when not in use.
  • Skis, boards, and poles are NOT allowed in the condo. They must be stored in the ski racks in the garage. Boots can be stowed in the trays in the front entryway.
  • The house and surrounding property are completely non-smoking.
  • No pets allowed. The owners are allergic to animals.
  • Neither management nor the owners of the house and HOA can be held responsible for lost or stolen items or any injuries that may occur.
  • Take time to acclimate at lower elevations before heading to the high country.
  • Drink lots of water (dehydration occurs quickly at high elevations).
  • Avoid alcohol for the first few days.
  • Eat foods high in carbohydrates.
  • Take it easy the first few days.

If you still encounter symptoms of high altitude sickness, such as headaches, nausea, or
dizziness, seek medical attention and go down to lower elevation for several days to acclimate.

  • To change the temperature, press “Temp” once to display the current set temperature (it will flash), then press “Temp” additional times to increase (or decrease) the set temperature. To change the temperature adjustment direction (from increase to decrease), pause 5 seconds between pressing “Temp,” then push “Temp” again to desired temperature. After 3 seconds, the LCD will again display the current spa water temperature.
  • Rinsing off before soaking in the hot tub reduces the likelihood of contaminants like lotions, oils, and beauty products from creating build-up in the spa.
  • Replace the hot tub cover when not in use.
  • Do not leave children unattended in the hot tub. Be sure they do not play on top of the cover.
  • Contact management with any hot tub questions or problems.


The house is heated by radiant floor heating. Housekeeping will usually set the temperature of each thermostat to 65 degrees. Feel free to increase or decrease as you wish. Keep in mind that radiant floor heating takes longer to warm the room than traditional heating systems. We figure it takes about one hour to heat per degree.


When you manually change the kitchen’s thermostat, the system goes into a Hold mode. To return back to the preprogrammed temp, press OK. Here’s the user manual


Please leave the garage thermostat at 50.

Base Camp 490 has a washer and dryer on both the upper level and lower levels. In order to ensure the washers function properly, please DO NOT change the washer cycle setting. The setting should be left as they are found when you arrive. The washers are finicky and changing the settings may cause the washer to shut off completely. After using the washers, please be sure to turn off the power button on both the washer and dryer. No light should be on when you are finished.

  • The living room fireplace is operated by an on/off switch located on the wall on the left side of the fireplace. Sometimes it takes two tries to turn it on.
  • The kitchen fireplace is controlled by the black remote found on the mantle. It may take a few seconds for the flames to come on after the ON button has been pressed.
  • The master bedroom fireplace is controlled by an on/off switch on the wall just to the left of the fireplace.

Winter Park, Fraser and Granby share a free shuttle bus system called The Lift. Base Camp is served by the Old Town/Green Line. The shuttle stop is right in front of the Ski Broker Rental Shop, under the Iron Horse Resort pedestrian bridge. To get there, walk out the driveway, turn LEFT, walk past the entrance to the Base Camp cul-de-sac, continue walking past the Base Camp garbage dumpster enclosure and down to the Ski Broker Rental Shop. This route has no set schedule and continuously runs every 20 minutes from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Download the LIFT RIDER app for real time shuttle location info and more. For Night Lift Call-N-Ride 6 pm – 2 am service, call 970-726-4163.

Manuals are located in the cabinet below the coffee maker, to the left of the fireplace.

Medical, Fire and Emergency – 911

Fraser / Winter Park Police Department – (970) 722-7779

Grand County Sheriff(970) 725-3343

East Grand Fire Department – (970) 726-5824

Colorado Road & Weather Conditions – 511 or (303) 639-1111 if out of state

Winter Park Medical Center – 970-726-4229

Emergency Care, Urgent Care and Primary Care
9 a.m.- 5 p.m., 7 days a week
145 Parsenn Rd., Winter Park (6 min. drive)

Middle Park Medical Center/Emergency Room – Granby
24-hour, seven-day emergency room care
1000 Granby Park Drive South, Granby (30 min. drive)
(970) 887-5800

Winter Park Ski Patrol – (970) 726-1480

Hernando’s – Pizza Pub

Pepe Osaka’s Fishtaco

Solstice Bistro

Rollin Bakery

Azteca Mexican ResturantFamily Mexican Restaurant

Volario’sExcellent Italian Food, Owned by Devil’s Thumb Ranch


Winter Park Ski Area
Granby Ranch

Snowcat Skiing & Tours
Winter Park Ski Area

Cross Country Skiing
Many options in the area: check out Devil’s Thumb and YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch.

Opensnow – Colorado Daily Snow Report. Best report with commentary on expected snow

Granby Ranch – Trails at the top of Winter Park Highlands – need to park at private drive signs and walk up to the trailhead using the road to the west. When the road forks (right away), continue to the right and up to the trailhead.

Rock Mountain National Park

Top 10 hikes in RMNP

Broome Hut Hike – To hut is 1 mile; another 2 miles up to top. Mountain meadows and good views. Tough first mile going up. Could hike up in the AM and have lunch there, explore and then head down. Great views!

Rollins/Corona pass – Easier but slow jeep road high up and then hikes from there

Columbine trail (Junco Lake Trailhead), Nederland – 7 mile roundtrip hike to a mountain lake

Monarch lake, Granby – 4 mile hike around a lake with very little elevation change


CO Department of TransWP Chamber of Commerce – Most comprehensive events list

WP Resort Area Events – Ski area’s take on what to do

Fraser Tubing Hill – 10 minutes away in Fraser

High Country Stampede Rodeo – Saturdays in the summer

Hot Sulphur Springs – Hot springs, 45 minutes away

Horseback riding – YMCA of Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch has a good ride with options for a meal

Mountain biking – Trails all around WP

Fishing – Fraser river or other bodies of water

Grand Park Community Rec Center – Rec Center in Fraser with a pool, slide, lazy river, workout classes

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