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Fraser Mountain Mural Festival

Mural in the Town of Fraser

Fraser Mountain Mural Festival 

July 25-27, 2019

The Fraser, Colorado region is excited to introduce a new festival this July, hosted by the Fraser Public Arts Committee! They’ll host the Fraser Mountain Mural Festival, beginning July 25th. Come see beautiful, literally larger-than-life artwork being made downtown Fraser!

The small mountain town of Fraser, Colorado is home to less than 1500 people. It is located right next to Winter Park, which has caused the small town to experience growth in the past few years. Winter Park is a destination beloved by many for the incredible mountain slopes and abundant snow sports opportunities.


In recent years, it’s also become an excellent place for summer events, holding host to several live entertainment events. It’s a fantastic destination to plan a vacation rental, offering many thrilling recreational activities.

This summer will be no different, with one of these such events being the new Fraser Mountain Mural Festival. The festival is being put together by the Fraser Public Arts Committee, an art advisory group for the town of Fraser. Last year was their initial year doing the Fraser Mural Program, the purpose of which is to convert plain spaces into murals. This program started with the intent of generating pride within the community through the creation of unique artwork.

Leading with success from the Fraser Mural Program, now the Fraser Public Arts Committee wants to expand the mural reach, prompting the creation of the Fraser Mountain Mural Festival! The event will last three days, beginning on July 25th. Mural festivals are excellent opportunities for art enthusiasts to see the art creation process. Artists will paint giant murals, on-the-spot, transforming the venue into a massive work of art. While you might not paint, it’s still an engaging experience something so large come into existence!

Expect the Fraser Mountain Mural Festival to be just as exciting! Featuring up to 20 brilliant artists, live music, and food, the festival is sure to be a hit! The town of Fraser is very passionate about their arts, requesting a budget for several art projects within the town. These include a sculpture program, continuation of the mural program, the first mural festival, a lighted winter trail, and special safety lights for pedestrians. They are quite dedicated to providing community value through art, something people from anywhere can appreciate.

Because Fraser, Colorado is conveniently placed just north of Winter Park, this gives the town great access to gorgeous mountain hiking trails, fishing spots, and mountain biking trails. You can even ride horses and take a break from the sun by river rafting and getting splashed! Because of so many outdoor activities nearby, the region is quite popular, leading to many options for lodging.


Mural on the Fraser Elementary School

The Fraser Mountain Mural Festival will be held on the future site location for the Fraser Center for Arts. With proceeds of the mural festival going to support the new art center. 

Fraser Center for Art conceptual plan
Fraser Center for Art
Fraser Center for Arts
Fraser Center for Art

If you’re making summer vacation rental plans, check out Winter Park and Fraser! Being more than just a quiet mountain town, there’s plenty to do and see! Come check out the murals around Fraser, and then make your way down to the mural festival site and see the live murals in the process of being made! Check out the wide selection of lodging options here and get ready for some summer fun!

For more details, visit the official Fraser Mountain Mural Festival website here

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