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3-Day Winter Trip Guide for Winter Park, Colorado

Vacations can be a marvelous thing and can give us that little extra bit of rejuvenating energy we have so desperately been needing. However, as anyone who has gone on one can know, it can sometimes be a fairly stressful affair. You of course must first pick out where you will stay, but then once that is solved you must sort through the avalanche of information regarding what there is to do and see. We fully understand this, and for that reason have put together a three-day winter trip guide to help take some of that stress off your back. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to learn about all one can do on a three-day Winter Park vacation during winter!

Day 1: Fun and Snow Play on Your Winter Park Vacation

When visiting the mountains of Colorado in the winter, no trip would be complete without spending some time tearing up the slopes and enjoying good old-fashioned snow play. Well, why not get this done on day one by heading up to Winter Park Resort, which hosts world-famous skiing with over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain for you to conquer. Further, if you’re looking to get a good workout while also seeing the beauty of the snowy mountain forest, make sure to give cross-country skiing a try!

Now, we know that not everybody enjoys tearing up the side of a mountainside on skis; however, we do think it’s safe to say that just about everyone loves sledding, or at the very least has fond childhood memories of it. Well, why not rekindle that old joy or make new memories with your own kids by heading over to the Coca-Cola Tubing Hill, where you can enjoy sledding as you most likely never have experienced it before. Riders will not only get to relax on a covered conveyer belt to the top, but once at the summit will get to choose between four different lanes complete with speed reaching straightaways and high-banked curves. If you still have any daylight left by the time you’ve exhausted all the fun of the mountain, then make sure you take the unique chance to explore the wilderness while balanced upon the snow with snowshoeing!

As your first day ends, you’ll most likely be looking to warm up at a good restaurant where you can also fill your rumbling stomach with delectable food. Well, there is no better way to start off your vacation then by enjoying a fantastic dinner at Volario’s upscale Italian cuisine. Not only will you find your classic favorites such as pizza, lasagna, fettuccine, tiramisu, and many others, but every meal is made from scratch with the freshest of ingredients. Further, with a seasonal menu, even if you’ve been here before, your area is almost assured to see something new and exciting you haven’t yet gotten the chance to test your palate against. Make sure you pair your delicious meal with a bold and flavorful glass of wine from their large selection. You’ll quickly see why Volario’s has earned itself a reputation by winning multiple awards from a variety of different sources.

Day 2: Explore with a Tour

As the sun begins to peek above the horizon on your second day, be prepared to see the mountain in a new light as you take part on one of several different tours that are offered. Start off your Winter Park travel season by heading over to Grand Adventures, where you will soon be flying across the snow once more, this time not on skis but aboard a motorized sled as you explore a variety of locations. Perhaps instead you might choose to lean back and enjoy the bouncing ride as your driver maneuvers your jeep off-road as you explore the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountains, and the Fraser Valley.
Get ready to see the mountain as never before as you take to the skies in a guided hot-air balloon tour. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the forest below as you soar high and delicate upon tendrils of air. If you still feel up to it, end your second day with a dog sled ride and watch the sun slowly drift beneath the horizon and the air chill further as you are carted away by a team of huskies eagerly pulling your sleigh along.

Now that you are through with the day’s events, make sure you treat yourself to a wonderful night at Deno’s Mountain Bistro, recipient of the 2019 Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence. You’ll a wide selection of wines, all of which have been carefully picked, encompassing over 300 labels from around the world. Not only will you be able to enjoy award-winning wine, but also indulge in a wide range of expertly cooked dishes. You’ll find a wide array of different cuisines at Deno’s, from the coastal flavors of tuna poke to the richness of gorgonzola fondue to the comfort food that is chicken wings. After a long day of seeing the mountain wilderness, prepare to relax with good wine, good food, and good service at Deno’s.

Day 3: Experience the Town Like a Local

As you start your third and final day, head out and truly see the town that so many call home. You might find it nice to first check out the downtown district which hosts 40 different unique shops and boutiques, including everything from women’s fashion to crafts, home décor, furniture, and everything in between. Once you’ve had your fill of browsing the local wares, make sure you head over to the Foundry Cinema and Bowl. After all, vacation or at home, nothing beats an afternoon spent munching on popcorn as you enjoy a good movie. After, feel free to hang around and compete against each other in one of their eight bowling lanes or perhaps hit the arcade like it is the 1980s again. (You’ll even find a handful of retro-arcade games to really get the nostalgia running.) While there is still daylight, make sure you end your final day by heading over to the Fraser Valley Sports Complex to take part in the age-old hobby of ice skating.

For your final meal in Winter Park, head on over to Sharky’s Eatery for classic Southern cooking. You’ll enjoy all the favorites such as buffalo chicken with bleu cheese, green chili burgers, and even a queso burger topped with Fritos. Make sure you take the chance to try some of their home-made strawberry-raspberry jam. So, fill up on the comforts of good old Southern cooking as you enjoy the conversation that is sure to drift as memories are discussed, stories shared, and everyone relaxes and prepares for their departure the next morning.

Of course, there is no way we could discuss everything that there is to do when you decide on your Winter Park travel this winter. After all, there is an entire mountain worth of activities, and with neighboring towns holding their own host of events, you are sure to be counting down the days until you can come back and try some more of it. Give Visit Winter Park Lodging a call today at (970)-363-7458 or book your future mountain getaway online! Either way, contact us today!

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