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Mary Jane Territory

Photo Credit: @WinterParkResortCO

Mary Jane Territory

The Mary Jane Territory is a truly special piece of the scenic mountain landscape. Initially purchased and developed in the late 1800’s by an entrepreneurial woman known by its namesake, Mary Jane has grown to draw the attention of thousands from its humble beginnings as a mining settlement. While there is no official record of the first individuals to brave Mary Jane’s slopes, the mountain was a project of the Colorado Arlberg Club in the 1930’s; making the Mary Jane Trail one of the first man-made ski trails in the state of Colorado. Aside from being a hallowed ski destination, the iconic terrain offers athletes and families alike truly exhilarating things to do in Winter Park, Colorado.

Officially opening as a part of the Winter Park Resort in 1975, Mary Jane has steadily added acreage and trails because of significant investment and renovation efforts. Improvements to Mary Jane’s Mountain include an incredible panoramic, high speed, large capacity chair lift and the Sunnyside lift winding its way up the backside of the mountain.  The territory challenges tourists to ski Winter Park through steep trails laden with trees and bumps while also inviting families to relax at its base and guide children through its tamer runs. Approximately 75% of runs on Mary Jane are most suitable for advanced skiers. Mary Jane is an avid skier’s dream, providing unique obstacles that make for a thrilling run.

In the summer, Mary Jane is a favorite trail for rugged mountain biking and hiking.  The mountain is so popular among skiers and mountain bikers, locals have coined the phrase, “No pain, no Jane”, to reflect the terrains exciting obstacles. Whether you’re an expert skier or a casual adventurer, the historic Mary Jane Territory is a can’t miss stop on any Winter Park vacation.

Our Winter Park vacation rentals are located in close proximity to the iconic Mary Jane Territory. Many of our properties are a short, 15-20 minute drive along Route 40 to the base of Mary Jane. There is also public transportation available via shuttle from the Fraser Station. Find the perfect winter park cabin rental here. To find seasonal ski passes and lift tickets for the Mary Jane territory, click here to find more information and begin planning your run down the slopes.

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