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Parking at winter park resort information


If you don’t mind shuttling to the base of the resort there are several free lots that work as a first-come-first-serve bases. Some lots fill up fast so if you want a good spot we recommend you arrive early. 

Old Town Lots
Along the roads Winter Park Drive and Old Town Drive, there are some lots that are free to park. Each have shuttle stops that go to and from the resort 7:30am-6:30pm

North Bench Lot
This lot offers parking within walking distance to the resort and is also a handy pick up and drop off place for passengers that are going to and from the base. This lot fills up fast but if you’re early enough or arrive mid-day you’ll be sure to find a spot. Note: There are stairs so if you’re in ski boots use caution. 

Blue Spruce Lot
This lot is before the North Bench Lot which you can walk to the base through the North Bench Lot and down the stairs. If you’ve got too much to carry you can also take the bus to the base from here on weekends from 7:30am to 6:30pm. 

F & G Lots
These lots are “Park N’ Ride” shuttle parking. Buses operate daily from around 7:40am-10pm. Guests are dropped off by The Village Cabriolet and picked up in the same location. There is still a short walk through The Village to get to The Gondola but there are free wagons to use for all your gear.



The Village Parking Garage (covered parking)
Turn at the main stop light at Winter Park Resort from Highway 40 on Winter Park Drive, go to the gate attendant and turn left, then follow signs. This is the closest covered paid parking. Rates are about $25/full day, $15/half day and is FREE after 3pm-7am daily. There is a drop-off section on the third level.

Vintage Lot
After turning at the main stop light, this parking lot is on the right side. It is one of the bigger parking lots and also has two additional lots below if full. After parking take the Cabriolet lift to The Village base. Rates vary but it is usually $10/day on weekends and $5/day on weekdays. There are pay stations or use mobile app called “Parkmobile”


All parking at the Mary Jane ski area is free and is a first-come, first-serve basis. The Jane entrance is about 1 mile east of the main Winter Park Resort Entrance. There is a service bus that runs to and from Winter Park Resort about every half hour from 8:15am to 6:00pm daily during the winter season. 

Rollins Pass Lot
This is the furthest from the base of the Jane. As you make your way up the Jane road it will be the first parking lot on the right side. If most of the other lots are full this will be the best option. Park and Ride is offered here and the Jane shuttle drives by quite often. 

Corona Siding Lot
This will be the first lot on your left when driving up the Jane road. This lot is large and gives access to the ski trail that leads to all Mary Jane lifts but does require some hiking/pushing down the trail. You can also access the shuttle from here. 

Utah Junction Lot (C lot)
This lot is large and is close to the Challenger two person lift. You can also ski/ride down to the base of the Jane. This lot fills up quick so on a weekend we recommend arriving early and getting a grab and go burrito from Bradly’s shipping container restaurant!

Dotsero Lot
Located at the base of the Jane, this lot is within walking distance to the Super Gage lift and restaurant/restrooms. 


For local bus information around Winter Park Resort, Town of Winter Park and Fraser CLICK HERE