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Switchback Music Festival

Josh Turner photo:
Josh Turner photo:

Switchback Music Festival – June 22, 2019

The Switchback Music Festival returns for a second year to Winter Park, Colorado!

2019 Headliner Josh Turner

and Featuring Tyler Farr
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If you’re starting to plan your upcoming summer vacation and you love soul-soothing reggae music, check out the events offered at Winter Park this summer! Located in the northern Colorado region, Winter Park is comfortably situated in the mountains, making it an excellent location for outdoor summer recreational activities like biking, hiking, and fishing.

You might not know that it’s also home to several fun festivals, shows, and events, making it a must-go vacation destination! Being a hotspot, you can be sure to find ample vacation rentals and lodging options to make your vacation complete. The last thing you want to worry about after hiking through scenic views is spending the night in anything less than luxury.

Last year saw the birth of a new event in the Winter Park area, the Switchback Music Festival! If you love relaxing reggae music, this two-day event would’ve been a dream for you last year, featuring several ska and reggae artists.

The first day sported a lineup headlined by SOJA (Soldiers Of Jah Army), an interesting up and coming reggae band consisting of eight members. They have already been nominated for two Grammy awards. The earlier part of the day featured performances from other fresher faces in the scene, Tribal Seeds, Iya Terra, and Judge Roughneck.

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The second day didn’t disappoint, with the headliner of the entire show making his performance. It was none other than Ziggy Marley, son of icon Bob Marley, and well-established in his own right, being a 6-time Grammy winner and famous globally on his own talent. Before Ziggy played, artists Citizen Cope, HIRIE, and the Rick Lewis Project put on an excellent show.


This year, the Switchback Music Festival is returning to Winter Park and is eager to exceed last year’s performance! 2018 was all about showing a mix of music from well-established artists like Ziggy, while also sneaking a peek at the upcoming artists of tomorrow. Expect this year to be no different, with the same dedication to providing an amazing music experience in the gorgeous Colorado mountains.


Don’t wait until it’s too late to book a vacation rental! Winter Park has become quite a popular destination for families to enjoy their summer, with the easy access to mountain trails and ample offerings of festivals and events. The region continues to grow, adding more attractions and live events so there is always something fun to do or see! If you’re interested in visiting, there are many lodging options available to help you make your vacation a dream come true.


With the Switchback Music Festival returning to Hideaway Park in Winter Park on June 22, you won’t want to miss it this year! Last year featured a mix of star power and fresh influence, which you can expect even more of this year. Lineups will be released closer to the event, keep an eye out and see just who you could enjoy watching live in Colorado!

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