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Even as you have just barely begun to recover from the fun and excitement of your Memorial Day weekend, chances are you have already started the planning process for the next big holiday, America’s 246th birthday! Falling on a Monday this year means we all have another long weekend and if you are looking to expand your horizons with a visit to Winter Park, Colorado, we at Visit Winter Park Lodging have a few ideas on how to make this Independence day one you will wish never had to end! From fireworks displays to picnics in the park to relaxation in the ever-so-comfortable seasonal sanctuaries we offer, Winter Park on the 4th of July is destined to be a holiday you will never forget!

All-American Breakfast

On this day dedicated to celebrating everything patriotic, you may want to start out your day with an all-American breakfast, either prepared yourself in our fully equipped kitchens or by heading out to any of our local eateries! Coffee will always be fresh and brewing at home and the temptation to sleep late and enjoy donuts on the deck may be high, so why not do a little extra prep on Sunday and stop by Rollin’ Street Bakery, 78737 US-40 #2500, for a batch of fresh-baked donuts? They will be open in Winter Park on the 4th of July as well, but if you want to sleep late, doing a little pre-planning ensures that your morning will start when you want it to start! Of course, a big breakfast on a bonus day off is always an enjoyable treat and Carver’s Bakery Café, 78336 US-40, offers plate-sized meals that will prepare you for any adventures you may be planning on this wonderful day!

Walk Off the Cinnamon Rolls

Carver’s Bakery Café is famed for its rich and gooey cinnamon rolls and if you feel a tad guilty for eating an entire one all by yourself, a hike along the Fraser River Trail will surely help cut through the guilt! This easy trail is one the entire family can enjoy and as you hike along with one of our favorite places to be in Winter Park, you can enjoy the lush green landscape, the perfect summer temperatures, and the sights and sounds of the Fraser River as it rushes past. Walking off that cinnamon roll has never been this fun and although the trail is only 5 miles round trip, you will feel justified in going back to Carver’s the next day and order another!


Golf was once called a good walk spoiled but we see nothing negative about spending a few hours hitting the greens of the beautiful courses in Winter Park and the surrounding towns! The Pole Creek Golf Club in nearby Tabernash is actually a 27-hole public golf course meandering through our beautiful Colorado landscape and offering fields of wildflowers that will help you forget about that botched drive you made on the 8th hole of the day. The Granby Ranch Golf Course, located in Granby, is another public course designed to be enjoyed by all skill levels and has been known to offer a little something extra in the form of elks, porcupines, and even the occasional bear possibly seeking a picnic basket to rummage through!

The Big Event

You have come all this way to celebrate the 4th and of course, we do it up right in Winter Park, offering an evening of all-American fun. The Rendezvous Event Center, located at 78821 US-40 is the center of everything that is amazing about Independence Day, offering a free concert by the Fabulous Thunderbirds, a place to enjoy another American favorite summer activity, a picnic, and many different games that the entire family will be able to enjoy! End the night with a bunch of oohs and ahs as you stare up at the sky that will be exploding with color and realize anew how wonderful it is to be an American on this beautiful summer night. After the past couple of years, it is wonderful to be surrounded by fellow countrymen doing what we do best, celebrating our nation on its birthday!

The Beauty of a Quiet Day at Home

Your Visit Winter Park Lodging seasonal sanctuary is built to be the highlight of your Winter Park 4th of July fun, offering comfort, luxury, and a style that will make you feel welcomed and appreciated. Sleep in late in our cloud-soft beds, take an early evening walk around the neighborhood listening to the sounds of other families celebrating, and sit out on the balconies, patios, or decks, sipping wine while watching the sunset over the mountains. When the sky is dark, chances are you will be able to catch a variety of different fireworks displays without having to leave your very comfortable seat! Reserve your favorite today and join us in wishing our country the happiest of birthdays!

The summer of 2021 is starting to look a whole lot more fun than pretty much all of 2020, and as you begin to make your summer plans, you may be excited to realize that this year you potentially have a bonus long weekend to enjoy! The Winter Park 4th of July falls on a Sunday this year, and many employers across the nation have given their hard-working employees the Monday that follows off. If you are one of the lucky ones, there may be some travel in your forecast, especially if you think ahead and use that week for your annual vacation! Not everyone enjoys the heat and humidity that often accompanies this most patriotic of celebrations, and you may have your sights turned in the direction of our favorite mountain town of Winter Park, Colorado, where the weather is destined to be absolutely perfect, and the celebrations are guaranteed to offer small-town charm and cheer! When it comes time to pick your vacation accommodations, the homes we offer at Visit Winter Park promise to add, comfort, luxury, and a heaping pinch of perfection to your Independence Day. This guide to the most fabulous 4th and our luxury properties will help you have the extraordinary getaway you so richly deserve!

The Lead-in to Fun for the Winter Park 4th of July

The best part of any celebration can be the lead-in to the fun, and Winter Park has a few ways to ensure that your ENTIRE stay is filled with fun and excitement! July 1st is when our free summer concert series starts, held at the Rendezvous Event Center. The Welcome Back Winter Park concert goes from 6-8 PM and promises to be a relaxing and entertaining way to lead off the Independence Day party! Looking for the perfect painting to hang over your fireplace in the den? The Winter Park Art Trail also begins this holiday weekend, starting on Friday, July 2nd, and although it continues on until the fall, it makes a great addition to the Independence Day weekend festivities! Located along the Fraser River Trail, viewing the works of the nation’s most talented artists as you walk, run, or jog along the trail adds an extra touch of wonderful to the already perfect day you are having. On July 3rd, the most American of all events, the High Country Stamped Rodeo, takes place in nearby Fraser! Grab your cowboy hat, slip into your favorite pair of boots, and prepare for a day filled with one of America’s favorite pastimes. The rodeo will take place every Saturday through August, so if you are staying through the weekend after July 4th, you can watch it twice!

Simple Pleasures

After you have unpacked your bags and finished your explorations of your home away from home, your time in Winter Park stretches out before you, filled with an infinite array of possibilities. Should you hike along the trails that traverse the area, reveling in the nearly perfect weather and the absolutely perfect views? Or should you, being the overachiever you are, start out the holiday with a 5K run/walk that takes you through some of the nation’s most beautiful landscapes? The Rendezvous Run for Independence begins at 7:30 AM at the Winter Park Resort and leads runners (and walkers) along wooded trails and through green pastures, giving participants something other than the pain of running to contemplate during their journey. Ending at the Rendezvous Event Center in Winter Park, participating in this challenge allows you to not feel guilty over all the sinfully delicious food you plan on indulging in throughout the course of the day!

Of course, even a 5K walk can feel a little too much like work, and yet you still may have the need to start the day with a bit of activity, so how does some time spent doing Yoga in the Park sound? Winter Park 4th of July is the jumping-off point for Winter Park’s Fitness in the Park Series that will take place on Sundays through August 29th, and as the classes do not start until 9 AM, you can sleep in a bit and wander off towards Confluence Park, ready to greet the day with a few sun salutations before starting the real celebrations in earnest!

The Good Times Continue

Your time in Colorado is guaranteed to be filled with fun and excitement, and because you chose Visit Winter Park for your holiday hideaway, the good times will continue every minute of your stay! Designed to pamper and spoil, our properties become home when you and your family first step inside, and even though it is only a temporary escape, we are happy we could be a part of your adventure. Contact us to reserve your stay with us today!