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Wildlife Safety in the Colorado Rockies

If you hike when you Visit Winter Park chances are you will encounter some sort of wildlife. The Colorado Rockies are teaming with native species ranging from small chipmunks (or mini bears as some like to call them) to large black bears, moose, and bighorn sheep. To stay safe on the trail it is important to not sneak up on wildlife. The majority of attacks each year stem from animals accidentally threatened by humans or dogs.

Here are some tips for handling different wildlife situations:



When moose act aggressively they are doing it to protect themselves or their young and are trying to get you away from them. If you come across a moose on the trail keep your distance and give it time to get away. If you notice a moose is agitated by your presence, you are too close. Possible signs of an anxious and potentially aggressive moose:

  • Head tossing
  • Hair on neck standing up
  • Whites of their eyes showing
  • Urination on their legs
  • Lip smacking
  • *Sometimes an agitated moose will show no signs at all


  • Avoid Moose – keep yourself and your family at a safe distance especially if there is a calf (baby moose) around.
  • If you are too close or the moose seems agitated back away from the moose.
  • If a moose charges towards you, run.
  • If possible put a large tree or boulder in between you and the moose, (Moose can’t see well and sometimes hiding behind a boulder or tree is all it takes for the moose to think you’ve left).

If you get charged and trampled, continue to fight to get away from the moose and hide.


Black bears are native to the Colorado Rockies. Black bears will naturally avoid people however if you do see a black bear while hiking follow these steps to protect yourself and your family.


  • Keep your distance (300 feet or more)
  • Do not make eye contact (they will see that as a sign of aggression). Instead look at an angle (while keeping the bear in sight).
  • Make yourself look bigger by putting your arms out to the side.
  • Speak in a calm, low, voice
  • If it approaches you continue to make yourself look bigger.
  • If the bear attacks you, fight back using sticks, pans, rocks, or whatever you have available to you. (Most black bears you might encounter will not see you as food and will most likely run away. However, if the bear is young, injured, or hungry, it might identify you as a meal.)
  • If you need to run, run in a zigzag pattern. (Their center of gravity prevents them from making the quick turns humans can and will help you in your escape.)


Mountain Lions:


  • Consider yourself lucky because seeing a mountain lion is extremely rare!
  • Make yourself appear as large as possible – if you are with others act together to seem large.
  • Make a lot of noise!
  • Act like a predator – maintain eye contact, aggressively wave your arms, toss rocks or sticks. Do not turn away or run.
  • Slowly create distance by backing up and giving the mountain lion room to get to where it is going, (kittens, den, prey, etc.).
  • Should it attack, fight back. Protect your neck and throat. If possible utilize tools such as sticks, rocks, jackets, etc. to fight.

Other Tips: 

Bells: We recommend bells on dogs or gear to give wildlife adequate warning that humans and dogs (both predators) are in the area. Accidentally startling an animal might put the animal on the defensive and cause them to react out of fear.

Dogs: Keep dogs under voice command or on a leash. Countless moose “attacks” occur each year because dogs chased a moose and stimulated it to charge out of fear.

Go Hike: Don’t let all this talk of wildlife safety deter you from hiking. The mountains, rivers, and valleys around us are wild and spectacular. If you hike aware and safely, you will not have a problem with wildlife when you are out exploring the area.

Tips When Visiting Winter Park:

  1. Wear Sunscreen –Winter Park Colorado is 9,052 feet above sea level and that means it is 9,052 feet closer to the sun. To protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful rays we recommend wearing sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF.
  1. Eye protection – Sunglasses and hats are lifesavers when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Wear them, your eyes will thank you!
  1. Wear and bring layers – The saying in Colorado is, “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” The weather is constantly changing here in Winter Park, Colorado so make sure you’re prepared for anything. We suggest layering with synthetic and waterproof fabrics when hiking or outdoors. Should the weather change, you’ll be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.
  1. Sturdy Shoes – When visiting Winter Park, pack your comfortable outdoors shoes and sandals and leave your stilettos at home. Locals will laugh if you wear stilettos or other goofy shoes around town. Consider yourself warned. You’ll want shoes with sturdy soles so you can hike up steep inclines, get wet, and maneuver rocky terrain. Not as stylish as you’d like? Don’t worry no one cares out here and functionality always trumps style anyway.
  1. Slow down, It’s CO Time – Visitors remark on the slow pace of life in the mountains, and we say embrace it! Don’t worry about getting anywhere fast. You’ll get there when you get there. During the summer months don’t be surprised if you come across a tractor, a cow, 100 cows, or a million bikers in the road.
  1. Drink Water – Water, water, water! We can’t stress it enough. Start loading up on water the day you leave for Colorado and continue for your entire stay. Many visitors (and their pets) suffer from altitude sickness upon arriving in the mountains. The best way to prevent the nausea, headaches, and other symptoms associated with altitude sickness is hydration. So drink up!
  1. Be Friendly – Between the sun, the mountains, and the lifestyle, Colorado is one of the happiest states in the county. So jump on our happy train and start waving to fellow drivers, smiling at random people, lending a helping hand, and striking up conversations with people you encounter. You just might pass as a local or make a new friend.

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