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Top 5 Local Only Shops to Visit in Winter Park

Part of the fun in shopping is exploring, wandering aimlessly as you and your friends chat and your imaginations soar, browsing wares you’d never before laid eyes upon. However, in this current day and age, where big-name stores are all that we almost ever see these days, it’s nice while on vacation to peruse and support the local shops. These are not just a place to quickly grab an item, but a place that someone has poured their soul into, a place that is someone’s actual living dream come true. So, when the shopping in Winter Park itch hits you during your stay with us, keep in mind these top five local only Winter Park shops!

Shopping in Winter Park: Altitude Jewelry

When many of us hear the term jewelry, our minds will flick to large, flashy rings encrusted with diamonds, which many of us will hardly ever be able to afford, much less wear. Well, at Altitude Jewelry, not only do they have a large selection of jewelry that goes back to the beauty of simplicity, but also are all affordable for anyone’s budget. Many of the themes you’ll see as you peruse their wares will be that of the surrounding wildlife as well as the local culture. You will see some with images of the mountains, others with bears, and others that are simply elegant designs that, for no reason in particular, are pleasing to the eye. As well, you won’t find any large, gaudy rings encrusted with various gemstones which look like they may weigh more than your television. Instead, you truly will find a selection that is genuinely for the common person and shows that there truly is elegance in the simple and that you don’t have to spend a fortune to be able to wear something beautiful.


Since humans were first able to hold a piece of charcoal, we have been fascinated by the art of any kind. This is for good reason, as a simple painting on the wall can completely change the entire feel and atmosphere of a room. Well, Uptripping knows this and has taken the time to put together a rather large selection of artwork for you to peruse and purchase. However, you won’t only find your typical paintings of local wildlife and culture; instead, you will also find a large collection of mediums, styles, and images from artists around the world. Each piece is not only beautiful to behold but truly a one-of-a-kind piece. The art pieces are updated daily, ensuring there is always something new to see. When you walk in you will be treated to images ranging from simple portraits of skiers to large African lions to images of Native American culture to still portraits of local wildlife. Not only this, but you will also find a surprisingly large selection of “wearable art,” which is a selection of various clothing items with various images and portraits upon them. So, why not take an hour or two to truly appreciate the arts of the world, and maybe even take one home with you to share with your family and friends back home.

Peezie Marie

Sometimes when we go into a shop, we don’t particularly know what we are looking for. When the soul is eager to just browse and see what strikes them, it is sometimes nice to visit Winter Park shops that have just a little bit of everything. Well, this is definitely the case for Peezie Marie, which tends to specialize in a little bit of everything and most likely has something for everyone. You will find greeting cards that are sure to make a loved one smile, bound journals that are perfect for the writer in your life, as well as a range of kitchen accessories that are sure to add a splash of personality to anyone’s cooking space. You will even find a collection of scented hand soaps, bath items, jewelry, handbags, hats, scarves, and everything else in between. It truly seems this little shop has managed to pack a bit of every category into its shelves and racks. The clothing items themselves have a warm, cozy, woodsy feel to them that makes them look as if they just came from a cabin in the woods. So, while you are staying with us, why not give Peezie Marie a try, as you truly are bound to find something that catches your eye.

Moose Hollow Trading Co.

As we have discussed, there is something to say about a shop that sells a little bit of everything. Moose Hollow Trading Co. does not only this but somehow manages to have a collection of items that are perfect gifts for anyone in your life—even if it’s for yourself. You will find a wide selection of souvenirs, collectibles, and unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else; they will be the perfect reminder of your time in the Rockies. What’s more, they don’t just have items to hold and that is pretty to look at, as they also have a wide selection of edible treats, including jams, salsas, and sauces. During the winter, you will find that they host the largest selection of Christmas décor in Winter Park, as well as a surprisingly large selection of wildlife artwork and hand-painted glassware. So, if you are looking for something to remind you of your time with us, or are looking for a gift to let that special someone know you thought of them, make sure you stop by Moose Hollow Trading Co.


Fashion is an interesting thing, as it is an art style all in its own. With fashion, one has the ability to not only let the world know who they are and a bit about themselves, but it also allows one to feel beautiful at the same time, as a movie once discussed fashion truly “is greater than art because you live your life in it.” Nobody understands this better than Be…Boutique, which not only offers a wide variety of clothes for you to peruse but even offers the ability to book one-on-one fashion consultations, which is a reason to stop by all on its own! Here, you will find clothes that come in a range of cuts and styles that are sure to please anyone and make any person look beautiful. As well, you will find dresses that are simple, yet incredibly elegant and sophisticated. As you peruse their clothes, you will find that many seem to have flares and hints of various styles and cultures. You will not find just clothes here but everything from sweaters to jewelry, dresses to tops, bath to baby, makeup to outerwear. Thanks to their online website, you even have the ability to peruse some of their wares from home, and they even offer free shipping should you find something that immediately piques your interest. If you find yourself visiting, but in a hurry, they offer curbside pickup and even free local deliveries! So, if you’d like to spend a bit of time and allow the fashionista within to shine and be seen, then make sure you stop by Be…Boutique.

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