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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions in Winter Park

At times, there is something to be said about going to the big, flashy tourist hotspots that everybody visits and has explored. However, there are also times when we want to try something unique that many don’t get to, or we might wish to have the chance to experience a bit of the local life while we are visiting someplace. Well, for those times where you might be wishing to find something a little more “hole-in-the-wall” and off the beaten path, make sure you check out our list of the top five best under-the-radar attractions in Winter Park!

Attractions in Winter Park: Headwaters River Journey

We start our list off with something for the more studious amongst us, a wonderful museum showcasing the fascinating world that exists within and around Colorado’s rivers. Not only will you get to discover the secrets that lie in plain sight within the flowing mountain waters, you will get to also discover just how important this hidden world is. Headwaters River Journey has truly managed to bring the topic to life with state-of-the-art interactive displays. With over 30 exhibits, you are sure to find yourself easily absorbed for an afternoon, learning about the wonders you never thought existed. As well, make sure you take a gander at the community events page as they often offer Family Days, Outdoor Yoga, Learning Labs for Kids, Virtual Speakers and more! You will not only spend an afternoon entranced by interactive displays and striking visuals but get to learn some important information at the same time. In case you’re in Winter Park during the winter season, you can check out many fun winter events here!

Coca-Cola Tubing Hill

Who doesn’t have fond memories of childhood in which they flew across the glistening snow as their friends whooped out behind them? Well, why not revisit these memories while also adding to the collection with an afternoon at Coca-Cola Tubing Hill! This sledding hill at Winter Park features four different lanes for you to glide across as the cold hair hits your face. With banked curves and perfectly maintained runs, you will get to experience sledding as you never have before. Not to mention there will be no long hike back up the hill during this sledding season, as you’ll find a covered conveyor belt to lift you back to the top! All ages are welcome and encouraged to experience the joys of snow play, and if you find yourself coming with a rather large party, you can even rent out the entire sledding hill! So, put the skis and snowboards away for a bit and re-experience the thrill and joys of the good old-fashioned sled.

Winter Park Alpine Slide

Imagine getting to race down the side of a mountain as the trees flash by in a green and brown blur with the wind in your hair. If this brief image has piqued your interest, then you should take a trip to Winter Park’s Alpine Slide! Snaking down the mountainside for a staggering length of 3,000 feet, this giant slide stands as the largest in all of Colorado. However, they understand fully that not everyone who is going to ride wants to fly down the mountain. You will be able to fully control your own speed as you fly down the track. As well, in a two for the price of one deal, you not only get to ride the alpine slide but also get to enjoy a lovely scenic ride to the top upon Arrow Chairlift. So, experience the mountain as you haven’t before and take a spin upon Winter Park Alpine Slide! This is definitely one of the best things to do in Winter Park CO! Browse our winter rentals in Winter Park and enjoy a lot of fun near the slide!

The Foundry Cinema and Bowl

This one is a favorite of both tourists and locals alike, as who doesn’t enjoy taking a break from the outside cold and warm up with a few rounds of bowling? Or, if you aren’t the lane lover, you will find yourself at home at the attached cinema which is almost always showing something to pique one’s interest! As well, once you’ve exhausted these two options, you will still have the ability to kill a few coins at the arcade, complete with shooter, driving, and retro video games. One could even embrace the inner pool shark and play a few games of billiards. If you begin to feel the rumblings of one’s stomach, fear not, for the alley and cinema also offers food, allowing you to grab a pizza and return to your game without missing a beat. If one is looking for a beer or two, that can also be purchased without ever needing to leave the building! So, come in from the cold and snow for a moment and enjoy all that the Foundry Cinema and Bowl can offer.

Grand Park Community Recreation Center

When one thinks of a community center, they usually don’t think of a place that tourists might frequent. However, if you plan to be staying in the area for any length of time, it is almost a disservice to yourself not to check out the pinnacle of local entertainment. It seems there is a bit of everything here, so just about anyone is sure to find something to enjoy. Why not let the adrenaline rise while simultaneously testing the limits of the human form as you tackle the 30-foot climbing wall? Or why not work out for a little while and spend some time sculpting that very same body in the weight and cardio room. However, even in the winter you can still enjoy the cool waters in the lazy river or the 20-foot loop slide! As well, no matter if you came in the winter or summer, a dip in a warm bubbling hot tub is always a welcome experience. Finally, if you are going to be with us for a time, you might find it useful to sign up for a fitness class or two. So, why not let loose a bit beside the locals and spend an afternoon bouncing around activities at the Grand Park Community Recreation Center!

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