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Top Five Tourist Hot Spots in Winter Park

At times it can be quite difficult to sort through the mountains of information that exists regarding activities to do during your vacation. There are of course the brochures from the concierge, online travel articles, blogs, general Google results, etc. With all this to read through and plan around, it can sometimes feel like planning a vacation has become a second job. We’ve done our best to relieve you of some of that burden by providing you with the top five tourists things to do in Winter Park!

Things to Do in Winter Park: Cozens Ranch House Museum

Many of us have found a type of fascination with the days of old. The days where wagons roamed the dusty roads, cowboys called the area home, and pioneers were the warriors of the roads. Well, for those who love learning about the days that once were, you will need to make sure you take a trip to Cozen Ranch House Museum, which also has the unique privilege of being the only museum in the Winter Park/Fraser Valley region! Not only will you get to learn about the pioneers of the late 1800s, but you will also get to see the very buildings and roads that they walked among. With several restored buildings, including the first homestead of the Fraser Valley, you will find yourself fascinated by this piece of preserved history. So, why not spend an afternoon among the ghosts of the past, learning their history at the historic Cozens Ranch House and Museum!

Trestle Bike Park

We have all seen videos online of adrenaline-seekers and athletes alike barreling down a mountain path on a bike, their legs frantically pumping as they weave along the curved path. Well, why not get the chance to experience the thrill of mountain biking firsthand at Threstle Bike Park! Featuring over 40 miles of lift-serviced trail, this park is sure to be a favorite of any bike lover, adventurer, or simply curious body! However, no matter who you are, nor your skill level, you will be able to find an adventure you can enjoy as they include a variety of trails covering a range of skill sets from easy/beginner to expert/pro. Not only this, but they offer both downhill trails perfect for those seeking to show off their skill, or just looking for an adrenalin filled afternoon, as well as cross country trails for those looking for a fun, but invigorating workout. No matter what type of bike ride you are looking for, you are sure to find it here at Threstle Bike Park!

Grand Adventures

There are many of us out there who go on vacation not to relax, but to find that adventure we are desperately missing from our lives and create those stories that we will be telling long into our old age. Well, for those of us seeking this kind of experience, you are sure to find it at Grand Adventures! Offering both snowmobiling and off-roading tours you are sure to find a story to tell here. Their snowmobiling tours offer both guided, as well as even unguided (for those looking to truly embrace the thrill and essence of adventure) tours. Offering both tours ranging from beginner to advanced you will have your choice of five riding locations, with each tour reaching a top elevation of 12,000 feet! For those who choose the off-roading adventure you will not only be getting to experience the bumpy thrill of off roading, but you will get to do the driving yourself as each group will have their own machine to pilot while following their guide. You will get to see such sights as the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountains and Fraser Valley with a maximum elevation of 12,000 feet! So, why not embrace the explorer within you and spend an afternoon with Grand Adventures!

Winter Park Resort

If you have done any reading prior to this, or have visited before, it will come as no surprise that Winter Park Resort has made this list, as they have truly become the center for all things to do around Winter Park CO. Most well-known for their world-class skiing, you will find countless hours if not days of entertainment testing your skill on the slopes and exploring the mountainside. However, even those who have never touched skis can still have fun with old-fashioned sledding and snow fun as well! Not only this, but in the summer, they offer E-bike tours of the mountain which ensures not only a fun afternoon of exploration but the ability to do so without your heart and lungs protesting during the experience. As well, the resort even hosts an 18-hole putting course that is a perfect way to kill a couple of hours while you wait for your next scheduled activity. This is just the tip of the iceberg as well, as the resort hosts countless other things to do around Winter Park CO that are constantly changing depending on the season. Enjoy our amazing winter events in Winter Park, too!

Winter Park Adventure Quest

There are few places that can offer the range of experiences that Winter Park Adventure Quest can. It seems rather than the typical hot air balloon rides or snow fun, they have sought to truly give their customers something new and exciting to tell of upon their return home. For instance, truly test what you are capable of at their aerial adventure park, where you will dangle two stories in the air as you try to navigate over 24 obstacles that have been put in your way. Ranging from tightropes to cargo nets to rope swings and much more, you will feel like a real-world ninja dangling in the heavens. If this isn’t enough to catch your interest, then maybe you will find their Guided Rock-Climbing Tours more your speed. Even for those who have never touched a rockface before, you will find yourself at ease, as no prior experience is necessary! Rather, simply follow along with your instructor and enjoy your next 3 hours as you dangle from the side of a rock and get to see why even with all modern technology this sport still reins supreme. However, if you aren’t looking to hang from the side of a cliff but still are looking to explore nature, you might find yourself pleased with their Wilderness Survival course. This course will provide you with all the essentials any good backpacker, camper, or all-around enthusiast needs to know. Not only will you get great team building experience such as shelter building, but will also learn the essentials of navigation, fire starting, and edible plants! At the end of your 3-hour course, you just might find yourself hoping to get lost just to be able to try out the new skills with which you are leaving. If you are looking for an afternoon of unique adventure, then make sure you look no further than Winter Park Adventure Quest!

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