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Top Winter Things in Winter Park, Colorado

When one thinks of Colorado, and more specifically Winter Park, they might imagine snow-topped mountains dotted skiers and snowboarders alike tearing up the mountainside. Well, they wouldn’t be wrong, as Winter Park is the perfect place for skiers and lovers of snow and a white Christmas. From the moment the first flurry falls from the sky, the mountain transforms into a winter playground perfect for anyone looking to get away for a time. For those looking to get the most out of our little mountain town, read on about our list of the top Winter Park activities during winter!

Snow Play

Of course, any discussion about winter here wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the world-class skiing and snow play that anyone of any age will enjoy as the white flurries fall from above. Start off with the best Winter Park things to do, which are the fun activities in the snow. You can head on over to Winter Park Resort which hosts some of the best skiing in the nation. Both pro and amateur skiers alike flood in from all around the world to enjoy the 3,081 acres of terrain. Not only this, but those looking to explore a bit, as well as get a fantastic workout, should keep an eye out for the cross-country skiing trails that can be found dotted around the mountain. You can also go on an actual hike as you make your way upon the snow, plodding along with snowshoes strapped tightly to your feet. The resort also knows that not everyone is skilled with skis or a board, and for that reason, they have the perfect place for those looking for a good old-fashioned sled ride over at Coca Cola Tubing Hill, where you can enjoy tubing like you’ve never seen it. Once you get to the top via the covered conveyer belt, you’ll have your choice of four different lanes. Once chosen, you’ll find yourself flying down straightaways and zooming against banked curves as your speed picks up and the cold wind stings your face.

A Tour for All

If you haven’t gotten enough of the snowy wilderness, make sure you check out one of the various tours that can be found during the winter months. For instance, over at Grand Adventures you can enjoy zooming up the mountain 12,000 feet with your snowmobile vibrating quietly as you climb, or you can choose an off-road tour and enjoy bouncing and rocking in a jeep as you explore the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountains, and Fraser Valley. While of course, this is quite an enjoyable adventure, to truly see the mountain in all its glory you need to climb amongst the birds and see it from the viewpoint of the clouds. For this, make sure you hold tight as you begin your ascent on a hot air balloon ride. If you find yourself looking for something unique, and especially challenging given the snow, head over to Winter Park Adventure Quest and tackle the icy mountain with a guided rock-climbing tour. Afterward, take on their adventure park, where you will struggle against tightropes, cargo nets, and swinging ropes, all while dangling two stories in the air on this 90-minute obstacle course.

Some Urban Exploring

If you are looking to warm up for a bit, head on over the town’s thriving downtown district where you can peruse over 40 unique shops and boutiques selling a range of wares from art supplies to candles, furniture, clothes, and all that lies in between! After, why not truly relax and let yourself unwind by enjoying one of several wellness and day spas that can be found nestled amongst the businesses and trees. Once you’re properly relaxed, allow your studious side to thrive by heading over to the Cozen Ranch House Museum and see about the various struggles of the pioneer’s life during the 1800s. The building itself is even a piece of history, as it lies in the very first homestead built in the Fraser Valley.

While you’re in the area make sure you take the family to the Fraser Valley Sports Complex and allow the nostalgia to flow as you gracefully skate upon the glistening surface of the rink. After you enjoy the classic thrills of ice skating, enjoy gazing upon the creative mental offspring of local minds at the various art galleries that litter the area and pay homage the many talented minds who call the area home.

End your winter stay by catching a good film at the Foundry Cinema and Bowl. After, you can let the competition soar as you take each other on in one of eight bowling lanes or allow the inner child to have some fun at the attached arcade which features a wide host of different games. The best part is there is no need to leave once your stomach begins to rumble, as you’ll find a wide variety of different comfort foods offered, along with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Book Your Getaway & Enjoy These Winter Park Activities

This is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these Winter Park things to do. After all, they are what the mountain and our lovely town are known for. So, why not come and see for yourself why hundreds of thousands flock to the mountain every year by giving Visit Winter Park Lodging a call at (970)-363-7458 or booking your stay online! Stay at one of our amazing winter vacation condos with great amenities and lovely views! Contact us today!

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