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Best Times to Visit Winter Park

When one decides that they wish to come and visit Winter Park, any time of the year you choose to come is a good one. Each season provides something unique and special that makes the time perfect to come and visit the mountains. However, while any time of the year is a good one, you’ll find that there are certain times of the year when the activities are at their height, and when the beauty of the area and mountains is beyond what any could imagine. For instance, any snow lover is destined to join us during the winter, when the slopes open up, the flurries begin to fall, and the hot chocolate and warm drinks flow freely. For those outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to behold the beauty of nature in all its glory, the cool spring when the wildflowers bloom and the natural inhabitants come out to play is the time for you. Join us as we explore the various reasons these two seasons are the perfect times to come to visit Winter Park and experience all that has to offer.

Winter Wonderland

As the sky grows white and snow begins to fall, the mountain comes alive as locals dust off their skis, blow up the inner tubes, and prepare to enjoy a world of sparkling ice the following morning. This joy of the wonders of snow play have helped the area find a place in our minds as a go-to ski destination. Of course, the best place to experience the joys of winter is at the local Winter Park Resort, which is one of the largest and most famous ski resorts in the state, featuring over 3,000 acres of terrain for you to explore and tackle. Not only this, but Winter Park also hosts the Coca-Cola Tubing Hill for those who might wish to relive the joys of childhood upon a sled. Even those looking for a good workout can do so with the miles of cross-country skiing trails, or even grab a fat-tire bike and take to the biking trails as they glide across the snow!

When the winter winds start to rise and the sounds of sleigh bells ring in the distance, you will also find the town, and nearby areas, come alive with all manner of activities. For instance, is there anything more classically romantic and intimate then enjoying a nice sleigh ride pulled by majestic horses? In nearby Fraser, you’ll find the local ice skating rink where one can enjoy gliding upon the ice. This is of course not to mention the countless other activities that pop up during the winter months.

The Warm Spring

As the snow begins to thaw and the spring plants begin to bloom, the area transforms from a winter wonderland, complete with your own personal snowy playground, to an area perfect for hiking, fishing, camping, and all manner of outdoor activities. With 1,000 miles of streams, 1,000 acres of lake, and 11,000 acres of reservoirs, any fishermen in your group will be in heaven as they spend the day out in nature, listening to the trickle of a stream or the twittering of birds. Of course, there is also a plethora of trails for you to explore and see all that the mountains have to offer. You have everything from scenic mountain drives such as Berthoud Pass to wonderous hiking trails that take you through rolling fields of wildflowers and all in between, ensuring that at no point will you be wondering what to do or see next. This is also not to mention that with all these outdoor trails to enjoy and bodies of water to play within, there are plenty of tours to take you out and show you the things few will ever get to see, ranging from rock climbing tours to electric bike tours, nature walks, and hiking trips. You are sure to find something fulfilling!

As you can see, there is plenty to do throughout the year, and no matter when you chose to visit, you’ll find a beautiful paradise to enjoy. If you are curious about what else one can do when coming to visit, make sure you give Visit Winter Park Lodging a call at 970-363-7458 or book your stay online today!

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