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Top Things You Didn’t Know About Winter Park

There is something just inherently fun about knowing little factoids that others may not be aware of or never heard, and at times learning just a single interesting fact about an area can give one an entirely new viewpoint and appreciation of the area. This is especially true when we are traveling and potentially seeing something for the very first time. Most likely this is why guided tours are so popular; we don’t only want to look at interesting things or natural wonders, but we also desire to know what it is we are looking at and have the ability to truly appreciate the wonders of the area. We have gone ahead and put together our picks for the top interesting things you may not have known about the city of Winter Park!

Topics of History

Like most of the United States, the area was well known and inhabited before the first European settlers discovered the wonders of the area and mountains. Originally the area was home to two nomadic tribes called the Arapaho and Ute. These tribes would often travel between local areas, such as Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Nebraska, following the herds and food sources as they themselves migrated around the area. After a time, and after the establishment of the various local areas, Winter Park went through several name changes, including West Portal. The town wouldn’t get its current name until the mayor of Denver saw the potential in the area for a ski town and travel destination. The famous Winter Park Resort was actually run by the city of Denver until 2002, when it was sold to private investors who have ran the property since.

An Area of Snow Play

The area is well known for its skiing and snow play, but what some don’t realize is that the most famous spot is actually not the slopes of Winter Park, but rather those of the Mary Jane extension. These nearby slopes are known, and commonly agreed, to be the best mogul skiing area in all of North America. For this reason, the U.S Olympic freestyle mogul team has been practicing here for over a decade now! When one considers this factor, the sheer number of different slopes becomes staggering as well. Upon the mountain you have 143 designated trails, but off-site one will find an additional 1,212 slopes for you to explore and tackle.

Record Holders

The area is not just well known for its skiing but also holds several records and proud titles which it has collected over the years. For example, the panoramic express chairlift at the resort holds the title of being the highest six-person high-speed chairlift in North America, climbing to a total height of 12,060 feet! As well, the resort is known to be one of the largest in Colorado, but the town itself holds the proud title of being the highest incorporated town in the U.S. Not only this, but Winter Park and the Mary Jane extension have the highest average snowfall of any destination resort in Colorado with an average snowfall of 350 inches or 29 feet!

As you can see, the area has a vast number of fascinating tidbits and historical facts that truly help one see the complexities of its past and just why the area has become so renowned over the years. There is much else to be told about the area, from the fascinating history to the present culture of arts and snow play. If you are curious about discovering more in regard to Winter Park, feel free to give us a call at 970-363-7458, and don’t forget to book your stay in one of our fabulous vacation rentals!

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