It’s Groundhog Day

and apparently the famous Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil has “predicted” that spring will come early this year.

That is NOT what we wanted to hear Phil.

Here in Winter Park, Colorado, WE LOVE WINTER!

To prove that OUR winter will continue, we came up with a list of reasons NOT to trust a groundhog…Especially Phil.


Sorry Phil…you brought this upon yourself.



Groundhogs are the largest member of the squirrel family.

(You just can’t trust those beady little eyes.)


The groundhog used to film, “Groundhog Day” bit Bill Murray…twice. Who would bite Bill Murray?!

(See, you really can’t trust them!)


In 1887, Clymer Freas the editor of the Pennsylvania Punxsutawney Spirit newspaper determined that the groundhogs hadn’t seen their shadow, and therefore, an early spring was coming. And the “legend” was born…

(Now that is some noble reporting.) 


Through Groundhog Day, Clymer developed the reputation of his own newspaper as the “Weather Capital.”

(A possible ulterior motive?)


Clymer Freas was said to have also developed the “Groundhogese Dictionary.”

(Incase you didn’t know, groundhogs speak “Groundhogese” and Clymer Freas was fluent…likely story.) 




According to the legend, Phil drinks “magic punch” once a year so that he can live forever.

(So not only can Groundhog Phil predict the weather, but he also has access to an elixir of eternal life?


Over the past three decades Punxsutawney Phil’s “forecasts” have been wrong approximately 54% of the time.

(That would almost be a passing grade…)


At 10:15 this morning, his website was reporting a 404 error…Not too professional Phil.

(He’d better call O2 Creative to fix that.)


It is true that male groundhogs do emerge from hibernation in early February, but NOT to predict the weather. The real reason they emerge…they are looking for LOVE!

(And the truth is revealed.)


The moral of the story…

Don’t fret Punxsutawney Phil’s ill-informed “forecast.”

We are fairly certain we will get AT LEAST six more weeks of winter!

After all, the legendary Whistling Marmot of Winter Park told us so.