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Bring Your Dog

Updated February 15, 2019 Bring Your Dog If you are looking for a pooch-friendly vacation destination look no further. Winter Park, Colorado is about as dog-friendly as it gets. From puppy friendly lodging and doggy daycare to pup-friendly hiking trails and restaurants, Winter Park, Colorado has everything you will need for a fantastic family vacation with your whole family.Check out Headwater Trails Alliance for a full list of local pup-friendly...

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7 Reasons to pick Winter Park Resort

Visit Winter Park LodgingYour Local Experts for Vacation Rentals in the Winter Park area Why we think Winter Park Resort is the Best Ski Resort in Colorado 7 REASONS WINTER PARK RESORT IS THE BEST SKI RESORT IN COLORADO No. 1 Ski Train The Winter Park Express continued service to during the 2016/17 Ski Season, to the Winter Park Resort. The ski train runs weekends and holidays from Union Station...

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Things to do in Winter Park Colorado besides ski

As I was researching top things to do in Winter Park, Colorado this morning for visitors, I started typing in the Google search bar “Things to do in Winter Park CO” the auto-fills second choice was.. besides ski. From a local perception, I would have guessed that most if not all visitors to our beautiful area during the winter would involve some form of skiing. So here I am writing...

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Winter Park & Beyond | Your Guide to Winter Park Colorado

Chapter two:Winter Park & BeyondVisit Winter Park Lodging Winter Park & Beyond: Once you arrive here you’ll be magically transported by the “The Lift” not that Lyft Our Lift, to Winter Park & Beyond! Long before the sharing economy exploded The Lift was our private transportation system operated by Winter Park Ski Resort. If you were here prior to 2016, you’ll remember the old school buses that were painted gray, what...

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A First Timer’s Guide to Winter Park, Colorado

Chapter one: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles A First Timer’s Guide to Winter Park, Colorado Updated: Updated article October 2018, First published in 2015 A First Timer’s Guide to Winter Park, Colorado Getting Here: Planes, Trains & Automobiles is one of my favorite movies of all times. Released in 1987 (probably before you were born) this movie stars Steve Martin and John Candy. The storyline revolves around Neal Page (Steve Martin) who...

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Three Reasons to Book a Nightly Rental

Visit Winter Park Lodging, Colorado Looking for nightly rentals in Winter Park, Colorado? We’ve got you covered with a list of local lodging companies and one of our own! Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway and other local nightly rental companies have changed vacation getaways. You can book an entire house, condo, townhome, or even a couch or bedroom in someone’s house. Nightly rentals have been around for decades but were more of...

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Why We Loved Christmas this year at Winter Park Resort and the best Christmas Gift of all.

Visit Winter Park Lodging Winter Festivities Christmas time in the Rockies is one of the best ways to spend with Family and Friends (including your furry family members.) Some of us who live in the Fraser Valley could tell you it didn’t feel like the Holidays until just right up to Christmas Eve. Christmas at Winter Park Resort was not only a magical this year but filled with adventures (and...

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Snowshoeing Winter Park and the Fraser Valley

Snowshoeing in Winter Park, Colorado Snowshoeing might not be the most popular sport in Winter Park but it can be one of the most relaxing sports. You don’t get to slide around like cross-country or downhill but at the same time maybe that’s why people like it.  Snowshoeing brings a sort of self-discovery and provides peace and quiet to the soul. Snowshoeing is known to have been around for over 6,000...

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5 Best Places for Lunch in Winter Park, Colorado

Visit Winter Park, Colorado Lunch in Winter Park, Colorado Looking for the perfect place to have lunch on your Winter Park, Colorado Vacation? We’ve got you covered with our top 5 best places for lunch in Winter Park, Colorado. Durbar This is our go-to for Indian for lunch in Winter Park, Colorado, everything on the menu is delicious. Durbar is located on the second floor of Cooper Creek Square 78930 US Highway...

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Winter Park Terrain Parks

Drop In and Huck Yourself HUGE! In just the past 30 years, terrain parks have grown to keep up with the sport of snowboarding, and Winter Park has been on that cutting edge. When snowboarding first came onto the resort scene in the 1980s, terrain parks were non-existent, and even small lips and bumps were “safely” mowed down by patrol to keep anyone from attempting a jump. Then came the...

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