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Summer vacation time in Rocky Mountain National Park and Winter Park, CO

Rocky Mountain National Park Day trips from Winter Park, Colorado. If you’re planning a trip to Colorado and looking for an unforgettable adventure, you can’t miss visiting Winter Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Winter Park is a beautiful mountain town that offers a range of outdoor activities, while Rocky Mountain National Park is a world-renowned destination for hiking, wildlife watching, and scenic drives. By staying in Winter Park and...

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Winter Park Lodging Summer Hiking Series- Kid Friendly Hikes

When it comes to kid-friendly hikes and hiking in Winter Park, we have a few requirements. They must: Be easy to access Be easy to escape Minimal to no elevation gain Exhaust kids, (while not exhausting their parents) Not involve any dangerous features, (cliffs, roaring rivers, falling rocks, etc.) With that said we came up with the following kid-friendly hiking in Winter Park! The Fraser River Trail: Access Point(s): Safeway,...

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Wildlife Safety

Wildlife Safety in the Colorado Rockies If you hike when you Visit Winter Park chances are you will encounter some sort of wildlife. The Colorado Rockies are teaming with native species ranging from small chipmunks (or mini bears as some like to call them) to large black bears, moose, and bighorn sheep. To stay safe on the trail it is important to not sneak up on wildlife. The majority of...

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The Mountains Are Calling… Lone Eagle Peak Backpacking Trip

If you’re in search of a fall backpacking Colorado trip, here it is! Lone Eagle Peak. This past weekend three of us grabbed our packs and left for the trailhead for a backpacking adventure we are still recovering from! The Adventures of Lone Eagle Peak Backpacking Trip (14.8+ miles round-trip) Where It All Began: We met at 8:00 am in Fraser and stopped by Sharky’s to “fill our tanks” with...

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