Visit Winter Park Lodging, Colorado


Looking for nightly rentals in Winter Park, Colorado? We’ve got you covered with a list of local lodging companies and one of our own!

Our Trailhead Lodge home, located downtown Winter Park, Colorado.


Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway and other local nightly rental companies have changed vacation getaways. You can book an entire house, condo, townhome, or even a couch or bedroom in someone’s house. Nightly rentals have been around for decades but were more of a “spring break” family getaway. More and more people are choosing nightly rentals over a hotel. If you haven’t booked a nightly rental home, you might be asking why anyone would want to book a nightly rental over a hotel room?

The answer might be surprising! There’s not one answer but many.


Number one reason to book a Winter Park Nightly Rental
The Space

This home located just minutes from Winter Park has an outdoor covered patio with a fireplace and BBQ Grill.

This home located just minutes from the Winter Park Resort has an outdoor covered patio with a fireplace and BBQ Grill.

You get more than a bed, tv, and microwave if you book an entire home. You’ll get the conveniences of a fully functioning home.
You won’t hear the elevator or the party in the next room at most nightly rentals. Hosts are particular about such things. You’ll have to agree to their house rules. Most nightly rentals don’t allow loud parties or smoking of any kind.
Some Airbnb hosts cater to the growing Colorado Marijuana industry and allow smoking in them. You’ll have to do your research to find this type of nightly rental if that’s what you’re looking for.

Number two reason to book a Winter Park Nightly Rental
The Savings “Money”

Our Rendezvous Cabin has all you need to cook a gourmet meal at home!

Our Rendezvous Cabin has all you need to cook a gourmet meal at home!

You can save a fortune on NOT eating out. Cook your meals in your kitchen.
Our nightly rental has a fully stocked kitchen with every kitchen gadget a home cook would want. We even have a rolling pin if you want to make a pie on your vacation!

Number three reason to book a Winter Park Nightly Rental
The Culture

You’ll be staying in neighborhoods where the locals stay. Why limit yourself to a tourist point of view when you can immerse yourself in the local culture. Hosts of Airbnb and VROBO’s are open to letting you know most of the local in’s and out’s. Where you can find the best powder stashes at Winter Park Resort, where to hang out, which tubing hill is the best and where to go for local deals. From the best happy hours to the best Winter Park restaurants (if you’re dining out on your vacation).

There you have it, three reasons to book a nightly rental.


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