Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation Plan

If you’re planning a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, you are surely in for the trip of a lifetime. The third most visited national park in the United States, the 415 square miles that the park boasts is full of streams and varying wetlands, not to mention pine forests, montane areas, and alpine tundras that are sure not to disappoint. 


And one of the most important elements of your trip, aside from the various fun activities and places you want to discover and explore, is deciding where to stay. Visit Winter Park Lodging provides beautiful lodging from condos to high-end cabins to stand-alone homes in Winter Park, Fraser, and Tabernash, Colorado.

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Bear Lake Rocky Mountain National Park
Bear Lake Sunset at Rocky Mountain National Park

All the details are covered for you Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation

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Top activities in Rocky Mountain National Park

If you’re looking for the best things to do in the Rocky Mountain National Park area, you won’t have to look very far because the Rocky Mountain National park area has something for everyone. From large herds of elk to the mountain peaks to the lovely landscapes that surround the Continental Divide, you’ll see why over 3 million people visit the park each and every year. Over 350 miles of hiking trails, 150 miles of alpine lakes, and 450 miles of streams await you.

Bull elk with large antlers grazing on early summer evening. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA
Bull elk with large antlers grazing on early summer evening. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA
  • Hiking – If you’re looking to take a day hike, there are plenty of options including Mt. Ida, Hallett Peak, Chapin-Chiquita-Ypsilon, Chasm Lake, Emerald Lake, Ute Trail, Sky Pond, Bear Lake to Fern Lake TH, Bluebird Lake, and more. Mt. Ida is believed by many to be the best hike in the park with absolutely epic views. Hallett Peak reaches a height of 12,713 feet and doesn’t expose you to any dangerous drop-offs. Whatever option you choose, you are in for some spectacular trails with breathtaking views around every corner.


  • Fly fishing – If you’re up for a four to six-mile hike to get there, you’ll find some of the best fly fishing in the United States here in the Rockies. Anglers are likely to come across brook, rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout in Sky Pond, Mills Lake, and The Loch.


  • Sightseeing – With tremendous sights everywhere you look in the park, the west entrance is only 45 minutes away from our closest lodge. And for those feeling a bit more adventurous or who want to enjoy the prime locations, then you’ll want to consider Trail Ridge Road (generally open from late May to mid-October) and offers a continuous paved road top bringing you all the way to the peak at 12,183 feet where you can park and explore the ponderosa pines and spruce-fir forests that span through the foothills. Longs Peak is another great sight to see as it is the tallest summit in Rocky Mountain National Park. Note however, that Long Peak is best viewed from Estes Park, which is quite a distance from the Winter Park Lodging sites.


The Mummy Range is another great place to visit, and you can see it from the Trail Ridge Road or Old Fall River Road. Six of the peaks soar above 13,000 feet!


Sprague Lake is an impressive destination for any photographer, professional or amateur. Access is off of Bear Lake Road, and you can capture great shots of the Continental Divide, reflecting in the water of the lake.


  • Elk sightings – If you’re an animal enthusiast, Rocky Mountain National Park provides plenty of wild-life viewing opportunities, and elk make it to the top of that list. Elks are known to roam throughout the park so be sure to keep your eyes peeled early in the morning, and again late in the day, for your best chances for a sighting.

Not sure what to do first in planning your trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park?


If you know that the Rocky Mountain National Park is your destination, but aren’t sure about how to best go about planning your trip, contact our team at Visit Winter Park Lodging so that we can help you take some of the guess work out of your trip planning process. All of our staff lives in the area and has years of experience in helping offer suggestions to future vacationers to make sure that every detail is covered. We always have fun promotions and deals, and can provide guidance on the best rental for your situation depending on the time of year you wish to visit.