Looking for something different to do in Winter Park, Colorado? Many families love skiing and snowboarding but some people come to the area just to go snow tubing!

It’s totally tubular!

Snow tubing in Winter Park, Colorado has many options for tubing and sledding for those who are adventurous enough to speed down the hill. Guaranteed there will be smiles and laughs whoever you choose to ride down the hill with

Snow tubing in Winter Park, Colorado

Snow tubing requires all the same outer gear you would wear skiing or snowboarding. Warm socks, boots, snow pants, sweaters, ski jackets, gloves and helmets. One thing that is recommended (especially in the these times of COVID) is face and eye protection! There are plenty of sunny days in Colorado but flying down the hill can be freezing without face protection. 

Three tubing options in Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park and the Fraser Valley is lucky enough to have three different tubing hills, all are very different and operate different. The nice thing about snow tubing is it’s fairly cheap so you could go to all three!

Coca-Cola® tubing hill at Winter Park Resort

If you are staying at the base of Winter Park Resort like Fraser Crossing, Founders Pointe or Zephyer Mountain Lodge you are within walking distance to this tubing hill. Maybe you have a group and some don’t want to ski or snowboard, this is the perfect activity to do while the rest take to the slopes. 

This tubing hill features banked curves, individual fast and slow lanes. A covered conveyor lift brings you back to the top and a warming hut for warming up with hot chocolate!

Hours of Operation

Dec 12, 2020 – April 18, 2021

7 Days a week, 10am – 5pm

Rates vary from time of year – $34-$39

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Historic Fraser Tubing Hill

Located just outside of Fraser, Colorado, this tubing hill has been around a long time! Family-owned and operated since 1971, this place is perfect to re-live childhood memories and create new ones with you own kids! Get a group together and speed down the hill while holding your selfie stick! Perfect place for taking photos of the valley and sharing memories online. No reservations required, parking is at the top of hill next to the Denver Broncos colors (blue and orange) building. 

Hours of Operation

10am – 10 pm

Open 7 days a week (during winter season)

Rates – Monday – Sunday, $25 for 60 minutes

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Colorado Adventure Park

Located next to the Fraser Tubing Hill, Colorado Adventure Park claims to be the fastest, largest and safest locally owned tubing hill. Offering a variety of hills for easy to super fast. Drop down their huge drop at the top to gain as much speed as possible. They also offer additional activities from kids mini snowmobile rides to snowshoe rentals to fat tire bike rentals and trails to access. Enjoy the unique experience of tubing at night time!

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 10am – 9pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am – 9pm

Open 7 days a week (during winter season)

Rates – $25 per hour and $40 for double tubing

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NOTE: Info pulled from tubing websites at time of blog posts. Hours and pricing maybe vary.