When we go on vacation, we are often looking to try new things and really be wowed so that we have stories to tell about upon returning home and memories to look back on in the future. However, if one goes deeper then that, what we are looking for even more is the chance to spend time with those with whom we cherish enough to travel. Well, what better way to truly connect with your loved ones then at a casual dining spot where you can lean back, enjoy some good food, maybe a beer or two, and converse with everyone late into the night. If you agree with this, or are even searching for a place currently, then join us as we explore the wide range of casual spots for dining in Winter Park!

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The Flavors of the Southwest and Border

While you may find yourself in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, it wouldn’t be odd if you were to suddenly have a huge craving for the spices of Mexico, or even the mix of hot and savory that is Southwestern cuisine. Well, if you do find yourself with a hunger only a taco can satisfy, seek no further than Pepe Osaka’s Fish Taco Tequila Bar and Grill! You can find your usual tacos here, but while you’re at it you might as well try one of their award-winning Latin and Asian fusion items which were voted Best of Grand 2018! Embrace the perfect balance of sweet and savory, with just a bit of kick added for good measure, with their Spicy Tuna Nachos, or perhaps their Chipotle Calamari Salad. If you are really looking to be adventurous, try some octopus with their Pulpo A la Diaba! However, it truly wouldn’t be a taste of the Latin world without a wide selection of specialty margaritas, such as their Coconut Sake-ita, which will have you trying to unique combination of tequila and sake!

However, if you are wanting to come north a bit with the unique cuisine of the Southwest, look no further than the family-run The Ditch on 40, which was named by National Geographic as the “Best Eats” in Winter Park and Fraser! Dive into their delectable and authentic New Mexican food by digging into to their Sloppy Jose Nachos, or perhaps grab a juicy and dripping burger smothered in cheese and topped with bacon, egg, and a chili relleno! Perhaps you are looking for some good nibbles while you drink and converse with your group; in that case, make sure you try their sliders or quesadillas. No matter what you decide to try, you are guaranteed to have some of the best of the best, as all their items are made from scratch!

If you still haven’t gotten your fix, then head on down to Sharky’s Eatery, which hosts a variety of Southwestern dishes and often has $5 lunch specials for those looking to dine on a budget. You’ll find such favorites as chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, green chili burger, and even a queso burger loaded with Fritos! At Sharky’s, you aren’t just getting a laid-back establishment, but one that warmly welcomes you into their dining area where you can laugh, talk, drink, and dine on truly authentic Southwestern cuisine!

A Taste of Italy and Beyond

Now that we have discussed the surprisingly vast amount of Southwestern and Latin cuisine, let’s go to the other side of the world with the creamy, buttery, and mouthwatering dishes of Italy! Of course, with pizza being one of the classic American comfort foods, you’ll have a large selection of pizzerias from which to choose. However, few have been in business as long as Hernando’s Pizza Pub, whose doors have been wide open for hungry and weary travelers since 1967! Here you won’t find boring frozen dough carted in from some far away factory, but instead you’ll be dining on pizza made with fresh, hand tossed dough. You’ll see your usual toppings such as pepperoni, chicken, spinach, and anchovy (if that’s your thing); however, you’ll also see a selection of rather unusual ones you’d never think to place upon the fine surface of a pizza such as almonds, sauerkraut, and shrimp! If you don’t feel like making your own, they also offer a wide selection of specialty pizzas which are sure to make your stomach growl and eyes glimmer in anticipation at the scrumptious meal awaiting you.

While pizza is one of the best culinary inventions—at least, it feels that way—when you dig into one that has been expertly made, there are many other comfort foods that warm the heart and soul. If you’re looking for something extra to go with your pizza, make sure you check out Pizza Pedal’r, who not only offers a selection of delectable freshly made pizzas, but also has a selection of equally tantalizing comfort foods including wings and chicken tenders. However, what truly makes them stand out is that after your delicious pie has been consumed, you are free to go and select from a large array of ice creams (What is better than pizza and ice cream together?) ranging from salted caramel to Snickers, cookie dough, and Oreos and cream. This truly makes Pizza Pedal’r a go-to spot for all the classics that are sure to not only fill a grumbling stomach, but a great place if you are looking to relax and grab a bite.

Enjoy a Classic Bistro

Let’s continue our journey by stopping at a good old fashion bistro which is sure to add an additional fond memory to your quickly growing collection. At Deno’s Mountain Bistro, you will have your selection of a wide range of different cuisines to try from a variety of cultures. Here you will find the coastal and tropical tuna poke, the good old American chicken wings, the classic Italian baked eggplant parmesan, or the savory Korean beef tacos. If the inner carnivore in you is calling, make sure to try their 12 oz. Black Angus New York Strip, and don’t forget their selection of pizzas and even gyros! If you are looking for that perfect pairing to go with your meal, then feel free to chose from over 300 labels from the best of the best all around the world. Wine Spectator even awarded them the award of excellence in 2019!

A Stop at the Pub

Perhaps you’re not looking for a nice glass of wine, but rather are looking to grab a pint and enjoy some good old fashioned pub food. If that is your fancy, you are still covered by Randi’s Grill & Pub! They truly take pride in their “field to fork” approach which has them sourcing from only local farms and ranches to ensure you are only receiving the freshest of the fresh. As well, almost everything you taste will have been made by hand. You’ll find a variety of different meals such as loaded fries (Who doesn’t enjoy drinking a beer while digging into cheese covered fries?), lamb sliders which are sure to send an eruption of flavor the moment you bite into them, bangers and mash (mashed potatoes and sausage), as well as fish and chips! Whether you are looking for something a bit fancier like elk sausage or are hankering for some classics like a juicy Reuben, Randi’s is sure to have it.

Taste Your Way Through Dining in Winter Park

As you can see, while you may find your self deep within the Colorado mountains, there is a surprisingly wide variety of different options for you to choose from. No matter which of these you try, or even if you go off the beaten path and explore on your own, you are sure to find a cozy atmosphere, welcoming staff, and food which is sure to satisfy both your stomach and soul. If you’d like to find out more about these spots for dining in Winter Park, or even more options available to you, make sure you contact Visit Winter Park Lodging today at 970-363-7458 and book your very own rental property in the area!

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