Backcountry Colorado Mountain Huts are a fantastic, simple way to enjoy the wilderness on overnight trips. Huts exist in many forms across Colorado, the country and the world. From small shacks that provide protection from the elements to more modernized cabins for larger groups, huts are a great way to enjoy nature without a tent. In Grand County, two huts of the latter variety can be rented for any gathering of family and friends!

Broome Hut

The Broome Hut sleeps up to 16 people and is located West of Berthoud Pass near Second Creek. The Broome Hut is about 1 mile from the trailhead with an 800 foot gain in elevation, so be prepared for a trek through the elements. It’s totally worth the hike, the surrounding area is beautiful and the stars are amazing! Get there any way you can as long as it’s not by snowmobile or another motorized vehicle.

The Broome Hut has an enclosed day use area for passers-by, including an eco-friendly composting toilet! The other 3/4 of the structure is just for overnight guests. There’s a kitchen with propane stove and pellet stoves provide heat at night. Rainwater and snowmelt provide the non-potable water for the Broome Hut. How cool is that?

Be sure to reserve your spot(s) at Broome Hut well in advance: Adult rates are $35, Children 12 & below are $17.50. Sorry, no dogs allowed. For more information or to place a reservation, click here.

High Lonesome Hut

The High Lonesome Hut sleeps up to 12 people and is located off of County Road 84 in Tabernash on the way to Meadow Creek Reservoir. High Lonesome Hut is also only accessible on foot, by cross-country ski or any other means that don’t involve a motor! There is a corral for those who travel by horse. The trail to get to the hut gains 600 feet in elevation and is 2 1/2 miles long.

High Lonesome Hut also allows passers-by to stop by for lunch- the fee is $3 per person. This hut has running water including a flush-toilet and a shower. There’s also a kitchen, dining room and wood burning stove to keep you cozy! Electricity is provided by solar power. So cool!

High Lonesome Hut charges $37.50 per night for adults, and $20 per night for those 19 and below. Alternatively, you can rent the whole hut for $350. For an additional fee, you can also get the owners to haul your gear, provide guided trips and more! Talk about peace of mind. Check out this link for more information or to reserve your spot.