When it comes to kid-friendly hikes and hiking in Winter Park, we have a few requirements.

They must:

  1. Be easy to access
  2. Be easy to escape
  3. Minimal to no elevation gain
  4. Exhaust kids, (while not exhausting their parents)
  5. Not involve any dangerous features, (cliffs, roaring rivers, falling rocks, etc.)

With that said we came up with the following kid-friendly hiking in Winter Park!

The Fraser River Trail:

Access Point(s): Safeway, Headwaters Trails Alliance, Rendezvous Rd. Parking Lot, Idlewild Campground, Etc.
Distance: Up to 6.3 miles
Elevation gain/loss: minimal
Stroller/Bike friendly: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Fun features: Forests, Fraser River, Scenic Views, Picnic Tables, Fly fishing, and more.
Wildlife: Moose, deer, beaver, waterfowl, fish, songbirds, birds of prey, fox, coyote.
Link: https://headwaterstrails.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/FraserRiver11x10.pdf

Mary’s Pond Trail:

Access Point: Rendezvous Sales Center Parking Lot (Between Winter Park and Fraser, on highway 40.)
Distance: 0.03 miles
Elevation gain/loss: none
Stroller/bike friendly: Yes (on a boardwalk)
Dog friendly: On leash
Fun Features: A scenic trail and boardwalk winding around ponds and water features. This trail can connect to the sidewalk off of Highway 40 and lead all the way to Hideaway park.
Wildlife: Waterfowl, fish, songbirds, birds of prey, etc.

Creekside, Flume Trail:

Access Point(s): Take 73 South West to the campground.
Distance: Up to 3.3 miles
Elevation gain/loss: minor/minimal
Stroller/Bike friendly: mostly yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Fun features: Forests, Water, Scenic Views, Benches.
Wildlife: Moose, fox, coyote, squirrels, chipmunks, beaver, birds of prey, owls
Link: https://headwaterstrails.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/FraserRiver11x10.pdf

Monarch Lake:

Access Point: From Granby, Colorado turn north on U.S. Highway 34, after six miles turn on County Road 6/NFSR 125, after 10 miles you will see the parking lot.
Distance: Approximately 4 miles
Elevation gain/loss: Intermediate
Stroller/bike friendly: Not advised (lots of roots and somewhat steep at times)
Dog friendly: Yes, on leash
Fun Features: Stunning drive around Lake Granby, lake views on and off throughout the hike, beach access, fishing, old steam engine.
Wildlife: Migratory birds, moose, deer, elk, etc.

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