Every season is destined to be your favorite one in which to enjoy the wonders of Winter Park, Colorado, but when your summer escape or your winter sojourn brings you to our favorite mountain town, do you REALLY know the best way to have fun? Your bucket list is probably all about skiing in the winter months, and in the summer, you know you want to hike and play, but surely there are other ways to explore and enjoy Winter Park. Our answer to that age-old question is a resounding yes, and this guide to our top Winter Park tours will ensure that every minute of your stay in one of our Visit Winter Park Lodging seasonal sanctuaries will be ones that you wish could go on forever!

Winter Wonderland

As the Christmas spirit brightens up the streets of town, one of our favorite tour companies, Grand Adventures, begins to offer snowy adventures guaranteed to keep that sparkle in your eye. As you speed over the landscape atop a zippy snowmobile, you will soon think that winter is your favorite season! Lasting two hours, their guided tour is the only local one that explores the breathtaking beauty of the Continental Divide, giving your children a geography lesson that will be much more appreciated than the ones they learn in school. Perfect for families with children no younger than 4, they also offer a Trailblazer tour that examines the Continental Divide from afar, but the Continental Divide Tour is the only one offering an up close and personal escape! Both last between two to three hours and never fail to please. Once you have learned the area and learned how to control the snowmobile, you can come back at any time to rent the machines without tour guides if you please. As a bonus, guests of Visit Winter Park Lodging can get 10% off their Grand Adventures snowmobile trip!

Sky High Adventures

Grand Adventures offers more than just snowmobile adventures in the winter, however; their year-round Hot Air balloon Winter Park tours are breathtaking, and that is not just because of the weather! Soaring above the rocky landscape, looking down on the mountain as skiers look like colorful ants and the trees add a desolate look to the countryside, this unique tour is available all year, so don’t feel sad if you are visiting in the fall or spring—just visit Grand Adventures and prepare to fly! The balloon rides take you over the Continental Divide, as well, offering another perspective, so why not spend one day on the ground snowmobiling and the next flying, creating a well-rounded adventure that you will never forget.

Summer Delights

Summer ends all too quickly, in our eyes, and as we near the final days of the warmest season, we still wanted to give you some options for your next summer journey! Horseback riding at Snow Mountain Stables, located in nearby Granby, is one of our favorite summer adventures, and as we ride beneath the full canopy of green trees and the countryside spreads out before us in all its glory, we realize just how blessed we are to be able to call this area our home. As you clip clop along the trails we love so well, astride nature’s most gentlest of beasts, you may wish you could call Winter Park your home as well. Snow Mountain Stables offers guided trail rides that last two hours, and if you are traveling with young children between the ages of 3 and 8, why not bring them by for a pony ride? Led by responsible adults, your child will experience the thrill of a lifetime as he or she explores the beauty of the Snow Mountain Stables Ranch. Although you may not be able to ride off into the sunset on your own, the look on your child’s face will be magical as they make friends with their pony!

Off the Road Again

Grand Adventures is where we are heading for our next summer adventure, only this time it will be aboard all-terrain vehicles determined to bring you to an exciting tour of the landscape, including the Continental Divide! Riders can be as young as 4 and drivers must be licensed and at least 18. If your family fits these qualifications, this tour might be the perfect summer experience, giving you another opportunity to see all that Winter Park has to offer! Feed the hunger of your inner daredevil with the speed of these well-oiled machines and feel safe if your child or children need a child seat, as they follow all the state laws.

Every Season Is the Best Season to Explore Winter Park

Whether you spend your day flying through the sky, speeding across land, or galloping along trails atop magnificent steeds, your evenings will be all the better when you spend them with Visit Winter Park Lodging. Reserve your stay with us today!