The beauty of the Colorado landscape is destined to be something with which your entire family will fall in love, and as you sit on the patios of our Visit Winter Park Lodging vacation escapes, you will find a peace and contentment you may never have experienced before. Taking evening walks through the community with your precious fur baby happily trotting on the leash ahead of you is always a special experience but throw in mountain vistas and cool and crisp air, and you will learn that you have found paradise. And yes, your most loyal of companions can accompany you and your family on this trip of a lifetime, because we offer pet friendly rentals in Colorado! This guide to our pet-friendly properties will give you a peek into your upcoming Colorado getaway, one that will be filled with fun, excitement, and all the love a pup can give!

Designed for Families

The joys of a family vacation are increased when your ENTIRE family gets to participate, and our pet friendly rentals in Colorado ensure that everyone is comfy and cozy during their stay. Walk into spaces that make you immediately feel at home, and as you read a good book in that overstuffed chair by the window, watch the big game on the television, or hang out on patios that overlook the mountains, you can easily relax knowing that Fluffy is snuffling happy at your feet or curled up in your lap. Some pups have sensitive tummies, meaning that mom or dad has to put as much thought into their meals as they do for the family meal, and our fully equipped kitchens make it easy and fun to create a variety of meals. Store the food for Fido’s raw diet in the freezer, keeping it fresh and yummy, and if you weren’t able to bring his food with you during your travels, chances are Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply located in nearby Fraser offers the pet food you need. The dining rooms of our properties are where more happy memories will be made as you play games, devour freshly made meals, and idly rub the back of Snicker’s neck with your toes as she gnaws on the big bone you bought her from Murdoch’s at the beginning of your trip.

Explore the communities in which your Visit Winter Park Lodging property is located with your puppy on a leash, being sure to pick up after her, and revel in the beauty of the fresh Colorado air. Clean and crisp, you can breathe deep and keep walking as fast as your pet’s feet can go! After, a sip of wine and a bowl of water served on the patio of your sanctuary will revive and refresh, giving the energy you need for whatever adventures are in store for you.

At night, when the moon bathes the landscape in an ethereal glow, your littlest one will sleep contentedly curled up at your feet, and because most of our pet friendly homes accept up to two dogs, you won’t have to worry about choosing one of your dogs to bring—they are BOTH welcome! Your favorite companions are the most loyal creatures, and they deserve to be a part of all the excitement you and the rest of your family are enjoying in beautiful Colorado.

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Speaking of Fun

We are a dog lover’s town here in Winter Park, and as such you can expect there will be lots to do with your little rascals! Hang out at the Bark Park at Granby Trails in Granby, or in the warmer months, dine on outdoor patios at a variety of different restaurants. Deno’s Mountain Bistro is where pizzas are massive, and sliders are made Greek style with lamb and Greek seasonings. Doc’s Roadhouse is where the beers are always cold, and the ambience is super friendly. Goody’s Creperie is located on the mountain and offering views that will never get old! When you need to pick up food, supplies, or something special for your pet, Murdoch’s in Fraser has everything you could ever need.

Family & Pet Friendly Rentals in Colorado

No matter how you spend your days with your family, coming home to the comfort and luxury of our family friendly properties promises to be the highlight of every day! Sleep hard, play harder, and luxe it up with the kids and the dogs; life just does not get any better than your family vacation in Winter Park, Colorado! Reserve your favorite Visit Winter Park Lodging escape today. Contact us now.