The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming, and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. If that sentence brings fear into your heart, we think it is time for you to rediscover the thankfulness you have always felt at this time of year by trying something different! Instead of staying home and shopping, cooking, and cleaning, why not consider a vacation getaway to our favorite mountain town? Offering cool crisp air to breathe, cold fall nights to fall in love with, and a serene landscape that you will want to remember forever, the only thing better than a Winter Park Thanksgiving vacay is a Thanksgiving vacay spent enjoying the comforts of our Visit Winter Park Lodging escapes! This guide to the fun and relaxation you can enjoy during your Colorado holiday will help get you rediscover your holiday spirit faster than you can say Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Excitement Is Building

Just as you are starting to feel the first frisson of excitement over the upcoming holidays, the entire town of Winter Park is feeling its own nervous anticipation, not just about the holidays but about the beginning of ski season! The resorts are scheduled to open in early December this year, coinciding with Christmas celebrations, but the month of November is one spent in anticipation. Watch the stores begin their holiday decorating as you start to do a little early seasonal shopping, enjoy the taste of fall expressed in homemade dishes served at local restaurants, and revel in the beauty of a town already covered in a blanket of soft snow. The first snowfall generally happens sometime in October, so if you are traveling with your little ones, you can spend your spare moments having snowball fights, constructing snow men, or sledding down small hills in preparation for the first big storm of the season.

A Taste of the Season

Every other year of your adult life has been spent shopping, cleaning, and cooking, but this year promises to be one where you can sit back and let others do all the work! Enjoy your favorite Winter Park Thanksgiving meals at Deno’s Mountain Bistro, savoring every bite of the three-course meal they serve, and find yourself smiling a little harder when someone else clears the empty plates from the table! Vertical Bistro is another popular Thanksgiving restaurant, also offering a family friendly meal that tastes like homemade.

Staying Home with Visit Winter Park Lodging

Not every Winter Park Thanksgiving adventure has to be held away from your vacation home away from home, especially as our Visit Winter Park Lodging properties are designed to be lived in, making a celebration easy! Prepare a feast in our fully equipped kitchens, preparing your favorite dishes with ingredients you purchased from the Fireside Market & Eatery and when it is ready, your entire family can gather round the large dining tables we offer, forks in hand and ready to dig in! Thanksgiving spent with only your immediate family has a softer feel, guaranteed to be less stressful and to give you back your thankfulness you may have thought you had forgotten! The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will play on state-of-the-art televisions, keeping you company as you cook and after the meal has been completed and the hubs and kids have cleared away the mess, naps will be taken on sofas that are plush, soft, and inviting! Perhaps a walk around the neighborhood will help keep the sleepiness at bay, and as the sun sets and the night grows colder, you will be able to see your breath wisping away into the night. The crunch of footsteps against fresh fallen snow will echo through the night as you talk in hushed tones, not because you are bothering anyone, but because you are reluctant to break the peaceful spell you are all under.

These Moments Will Bring About the Best Memories

Reserve your favorite Visit Winter Park Lodging holiday hideaway today and get excited about celebrating with your family once again, as you remember all the things you have to be thankful for! Contact us today.

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