When you visit Colorado in the winter, you expect that snowy activities are going to be a mainstay in your adventures, and you would be absolutely correct. The snow falls early in Winter Park, creating a landscape that never fails to amaze even us, as it blankets the ground and gives visitors the chance to play as they may never have before. Although skiing is one of our most popular winter sports, there are many other snowy winter activities in Winter Park that you can participate in as you explore the town. This guide will help you discover them all!

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Coca Cola Tubing Hill in Winter Park

Sledding down a hill, feeling the wind in your face mixed with the flakes of freshly fallen snow is an activity we all remember from our childhood, and the Coca Cola Tubing Hill allows you to experience its joys with your own children! Open on November 27th, it offers four lanes of softly packed snow, conveyor belts that help you get back up the hill easily, and a lodge designed to warm you up as you sip hot cocoa and wait for another go round on the hill!


Have you ever looked at a perfectly good tennis racket and thought to yourself, if I had two and strapped them to my feet, it would make a walk in the snow that much more fun? No? Well, although the look of snowshoes has changed over the years, this activity is definitely experiencing a resurgence and is guaranteed to add to your fun in Winter Park! Snowshoes can be rented at any Nordic center, including the one right here in Winter Park Resort, and you can explore just about any open area covered in snow. There are trails in the region where snowshoeing is even more delightful, including the Fraser River Trails you may have hiked during the summer months. This is definitely one of the best winter activities in Winter Park!

Grand Adventures with Grand Adventures

When your inner daredevil demands to be let out, a visit to Grand Adventures will give you an adventure of your own when you take one of their snowmobiling tours, or if you are feeling especially daring, rent the equipment to set out on your own. There is a special thrill received from flying over the snow on board a machine designed for speed, and the snowmobile is definitely the vehicle that will make you fall in love with snow, speed, and the winter season! The tours offered by Grand Adventures last anywhere from an hour to three hours and promise to be the most fun you can have on white snow.

Come in Out of the Cold

Of course, after spending much of your time in Winter Park playing in the snow, you may be ready for some indoor adventures to warm your bones. A visit to the Cozens Ranch Museum, located at 77849 US-40 in nearby Fraser, is the perfect way to do so! Step into the past as you learn about the issues early settlers faced—the cold, of course, being one of the biggest issues—and fall in love with the history of our mountain region. If museums aren’t your thing, and that’s ok, not everyone is excited by history, you can spend your days shopping at local boutiques, including one of our personal faves, Be…Boutique. Located at 47 Cooper Creek Way #233 in Winter Park, this sweet shop offers a variety of clothes, accessories, home goods, and more that allow each shopper the opportunity to be whatever they want to be! Just need a break from your outdoor activities? Stop by the Ditch on 40, located at 78941 US-40 in Winter Park and enjoy a New Mexican stye meal complete with delicious margaritas.

Stay Home and Play

Our Visit Winter Park Lodging escapes are designed to be a vital part of your vacation experience, and on some days, staying home and playing may be the best idea you can have! Sipping hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire while watching Christmas shows, practicing your snow angels in the yards surrounding the property, or falling into a lazy nap on a cold and wintry day are just some of the adventures you will enjoy in our tranquil homes. Reserve your favorite today and discover the joys found in making all your winter vacation dreams come true! Contact us today.

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