It’s no secret that the merriest of Christmases are always the white ones, but if you happen to live somewhere the snow doesn’t fall, it just makes sense that you spend it somewhere it does. Perhaps we could suggest that you spend it in Winter Park in one of our well-appointed holiday hideaways? Offering everything that makes Christmas the most popular holiday (including the snow) and a few surprises that Winter Park frequent visitors may not even know, spending the holiday with us practically guarantees that this Winter Park Christmas 2021 will be one you will never forget! This guide to Winter Park and everything wonderful will ensure your winter break will be the merriest.

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Winter Park Tree Lighting, November 27

Although much of the world has started celebrating Christmas minutes after they put away their Halloween costumes, we like to keep with the traditions and start the celebration after Thanksgiving! The Christmas tree lighting ceremony held in Winter Park Village is the perfect example, offering the opportunity to sing along to your favorite Christmas carols, warm yourself by a roaring fire, and fall in love with the beauty of our village tree dressed in its holiday finest!

The Holiday Spirit of Winter Park Christmas 2021

One of our favorite parts of the holiday is decorating our homes, and if you spent Christmas at home, by now you would have already pulled out your Santa collection, assembled your tree, and hung the lights around the eaves of your home. Even though our Visit Winter Park Lodging seasonal sanctuaries offer warmth and style that welcome all who reside here, you may want to pick up a few items of décor to add to the holiday spirit. Moose Hollow Trading Company, located at 47 Cooper Creek Way, has everything you need to add a little more cheer to your vacation home away from home, and you can also pick up a few last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers while you are there. Offering the largest selection of Christmas décor in the area, their hand painted glassware is destined to be the gift your mother loves more than any other!

61st Annual Christmas Market, December 4th

While we are on the topic of gift giving, don’t we all know someone who just has the knack of choosing gifts that are so perfect it makes the recipient cry? You know that gift giver never stood in the local drugstore five minutes before closing, trying to choose between the As Seen on TV copper bracelet and the last box of chocolate truffles discarded by someone else and found tucked away between the paper towels and the paper plates. The 61st Annual Christmas Market, held in nearby Georgetown, allows you to be the gift giver making recipients cry, and you really won’t even have to think that hard! Held outdoors, (so dress warmly) this European style market offers wandering carolers, roasted chestnuts, horse-drawn carriage rides, and of course, gifts created by the most talented of artisans, all guaranteed to bring on those tears!

Torchlight Parade, December 24th

One of our most magical traditions is our Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade, and as skiers slowly make their way down the slopes carrying torches to light their way, fireworks will be exploding in the sky overhead! Offering a bonfire in Winter Park Village, the opportunity to take some last-minute photos with Santa before he heads off on his annual journey around the globe and a feeling of peace, happiness, and goodwill, this heartwarming and visually stunning event will change the way you celebrate Christmas forever!

Start New Traditions with Visit Winter Park Lodging

Not every Christmas adventure has to be enjoyed away from your seasonal sanctuary, and some of your new favorite traditions will happen under the sturdy roofs of our properties! Gather around the fire to drink hot chocolate and sing along to Christmas carols you have known all your life as the snow falls gently outside your Visit Winter Park Lodging Christmas cottage. Our fully equipped kitchens help bring the joy back to holiday meal prep, and as you and your family sit at the large dining tables that are the focus of the dining rooms, you won’t be able to hold back a smile and perhaps even a tear or two. Your new traditions contain all the same ingredients as the old ones—family, love, and Grandma’s stuffing recipe—it’s just the location that is a little different this year! Sleep deep in cloud soft beds, dreaming about torchlit parades, village bonfires, and the smiles on your children’s faces as they sat on Santa’s lap during this vacation of a lifetime. Choose Visit Winter Park Lodging for your vacation accommodations and let your Winter Park Christmas 2021 be a white one! Contact us now.

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