With a name like Winter Park you might expect that we lock the gates, shutter the stores, and close down until the snow season rolls around again, but you could not be further from the truth. Winter Park is a year round vacation destination, offering something unique, fun, and exciting to do every season of the year and as we all begin to start making plans for our summer getaways, we at Visit Winter Park Lodging think you should turn your interest to our direction; this guide to all that makes Winter Park an amazing summer getaway will help give you a gentle nudge into doing just that and our comfortable and luxurious properties are destined to help make your summer in Winter Park vacation even better!

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Charlie’s Frozen Treat Shop, 78966 US-40

Some of life’s best memories are made from the smallest moments and the age old treat of enjoying something frozen on the hottest days of summer is one of those moments that Charlie’s Frozen Treat Shop specializes in! Offering a taste of summer in Winter Park every day of the year, your favorite fro-yo, ice cream, and gelato can be purchased here and if you are traveling with your fur children, they also sell pup cups and doggie bone’s sure to bring your pet pure bliss!

Fantasy Meadow Hiking Trail

summer in Winter Park temperatures rarely get to be too hot, making outdoor activities your favorite thing to do, including a hike along the Fantasy Meadow Hiking Trail. As the name suggests, the enchanting beauty of this trail will amaze as you hike along cheerful streams, frolic in fields of wildflowers, and explore the quiet beauty of the wildlife that make their home in this exquisite fairy land. Take the Gondola to the top of the mountain and step into a magical landscape that will burrow its way into your soul.

Winter Park Uncorked

As we make our way through the end of the pandemic, many festivals and events are making their way back to the towns and cities across America and Winter Park Uncorked is one summer event that shouldn’t be missed. Taking place on July 30th this year, live music, great food, and wines from all over the country ensure that this will be the most idyllic day of your summer getaway. Also offering a Cork Off in which participants try to pop a champagne cork further than anyone else, the Rendezvous Event Center in Winter Park will be selling tickets at a later date, so be sure to check back often!

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As the sun stays out longer and the grass grows green and lush beneath our feet, residents and visitors start polishing their clubs in anticipation of opening day of golf season. The Pole Creek Golf Club in Tabernash, the Granby Ranch Golf Course in Granby, and the Grand Elk Golf Club, also in Granby, all offer golfers the opportunity to enjoy the perfect day. For families who like the idea of golf but have kiddos that may make a day on the greens a bit uncomfortable, the Meandering Moose Mini Golf course, 528 Grand Avenue in Grand Lakes, promises a pint sized adventure that may help your children blossom into a love of the grown up version of the game!

Mad Adventures with MAD Adventures

White water rafting offers the ultimate in thrills and MAD Adventures, 78311 US-40 Suite 200, offers the opportunity to experience those thrills safely. Featuring rafting trips on the upper Colorado River that take you on a peaceful trip through some of the most beautiful landscape in the state but also give guests a taste of the rapids, this is one experience that will make you the envy of your friends back home.

Shopaholic Paradise

Although shopping is an activity that can be enjoyed all seasons of the year, the mild temperatures make it more pleasant as you walk in and out of the stores. Stop by the Lavender Elephant and check out their summer collections of women’s fashions, visit Uptripping and explore their whimsical art and home décor, or lose yourself in the wares (including souvenirs) offered by Moose Hollow Trading Company, all stores located right here in Winter Park. And because our Visit Winter Park Lodging seasonal sanctuaries offer washer and dryers, you can pack lightly and save room for all the treasures you can’t live without!

Summer Adventures in Comfort

Not all the fun has to be enjoyed outside your Visit Winter Lodging escapes. Sometimes a day spent lounging at home can be the best day of all! Choose a sanctuary that offers a community pool and spend your day splashing with the kiddos or soak in the hot tubs on cooler summer nights. Every day and every night is an adventure in comfort when you choose our Winter Park summer sanctuaries for your seasonal escape. Reserve your favorite today!

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