Visit Winter Park, Colorado
Your unofficial guide to all things Winter Park and the Fraser Valley
5 Surprises What to do in Winter Park, Colorado

1. A Summer Tubing Hill

Yes, you read that correctly. A summer tubing hill! We have the only summer tubing hill in Colorado and one of only three in the county here in our own backyard! You’ll be able to enjoy tubing without the heavy gear and snow pants. When you Visit Winter Park, Colorado be sure to add this downhill adventure to your bucket list!

Located at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA of the Rockies

2. An Experimental Forest

We are home to an experimental forest managed by the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Forest Service. Located next door in Fraser, CO this experimental forest is a 23,000-acre forest that was established in 1937. The forest focuses on researching the effects of different forest management styles on timber and water production. Take a hike in the Fraser Experimental Forest when you Visit Winter Park, it can be found down route 73 past the Fraser Rodeo grounds.

Find out more about the Fraser Experimental Forest.

Love the outdoors? Try a leaf peeping drive this fall!

3. Summer Dogsled (cart) Rides

Dogsledding in the summer? We’ve got it! Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park offers cart rides when there isn’t snow, sled rides when there is snow cover, and kennel tours year-round. Their team of nearly 80 dogs were born and raised to pull sleds and carts and just watching them work as a team you’ll realize what talented and passionate pups they are.

4. Lift-served Cross-Country Biking and Hiking

Not only is Granby Ranch is home to a fantastic downhill mountain bike park, but they also have lift-serve access to miles of cross-country biking and hiking trails. These trails range from beginner trails to expert and wind and curve along mountain vistas, through aspen forests, and end at the base of the mountain. Foot traffic enjoy free lift rides and hiking!

5. Hot Sulphur Springs

Located in nearby Hot Sulphur you’ll find Hot Sulphur Springs. As you may guess from the name, these springs are filled naturally by hot Sulphur water, originating from deep inside the earth’s crust. This historic hot springs was originally discovered by Native Americans who felt the springs were healing. William Byers rediscovered the hot springs in 1840 and decided to turn the hot springs into a resort, and named the town Hot Sulphur Springs.Read our guide for what to do in Winter Park, Colorado besides ski.