About HTA?

Grand County Colorado is home to hundreds of miles of trails to explore and discover on foot, bike, ATV, snowmobile, or even by horse. With so many options it can be hard to figure out where to go, when to go, and what the conditions are. That’s where Headwaters Trails Alliance comes in.


Headwaters Trails Alliance is a nonprofit organization in 1988 and officially established in 1996 to create trail systems and protect trails from future development. Today they have expanded their role throughout Grand County and continue to create, protect, and maintain many trails throughout the region. Additionally, Headwaters Trails Alliance aids in the safety of residents and visitors alike by providing up-to-date details and trail conditions throughout the county.


So You Want to Hit The Trail?

Headwaters Trails Alliance is here to help you discover and plan your Winter Park, Colorado adventure! Winter Park and Grand County Colorado are home to hundreds of miles of trails with countless magical places to explore. Headwaters Trails Alliance can guide you on your exploration! Visit www.headwaterstrails.org to view trail maps, conditions, and more!

Trail Conditions:

If you know of a hike you’d like to take, visit Headwaters Trails Alliance’s page on trail conditions to check out up-to-date trail information that will help you plan your trip. When you know the types of trail conditions you will likely encounter, you will be able to prepare and dress more appropriately, keeping you safer on your adventure.

Need More Convincing?

It’s free! (Fun is always better when it is free…don’t you agree?)

You Can Get Involved Too!

If you love what Headwaters Trails Alliance does for the community and want to support them and give back, you’ve got plenty of options. Here’s the list!


Headwaters Trails Alliance could not do everything they do without the dedicated volunteers who lend a hand while they visit Winter Park, or a few weeks out of the year. From building bridges and clearing trails, writing grants, or even installing signage, there are plenty of ways to donate your time! Better yet, you’ll be helping while enjoying the mountains and improving the trail system within the Grand County community. Visit the Projects page on Headwaters Trails Alliance’s website to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities. Or get a group together and contact Headwaters Trails Alliance to see what other projects need to be done.


As a nonprofit 501-c3 organization, Headwaters Trails Alliance operates on a shoestring budget. They have become masters at making every penny count to provide value to the community and visitors. If you don’t have the time to volunteer but still want to support their efforts, we recommend a donation. Headwaters Trails Alliance will make sure your donation goes to a project that will have a large impact on the community. Additionally, all donations made to Headwaters Trails Alliance are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law! (It’s a win, win, win!)

Adopt A Trail:

If your family or a group is looking for a great way to give back to the community, consider adopting a trail! Maintaining trails is crucial for both the short and long-term success of trails and enjoyment of explorers. With maintenance budgets being cut, Headwaters Trails Alliance has had community businesses, groups, and families adopt, monitor, and maintain local trails. These adopters have provided a wonderful service to Headwaters Trails Alliance and the community they serve!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Come hit the trails with the help of Headwaters Trails Alliance! Whether it’s to explore, volunteer, or give back, check out Headwaters Trails Alliance and enjoy the beauty of Grand County Colorado!

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