1. Powder days are overrated…Just stay home.

Who really wants to carve fresh lines while floating on a layer of fresh powder anyway? I’d rather be changing bedpans or doing CrossFit, than knee deep in powder!

2. The Vintage Lot is the BEST place to park and party!

It is totally worth the $22/day $15/half-day! Who likes free parking anyway? Plus, you GET to ride the cabriolet, FO-FREE! #Privileged

3. Grocery store beer is just as good as liquor store beer!

Why? It’s less than 3.2% A.B.W. (less than 4% A.B.V.)! That mean’s you get to drink more, while suffering less of a hangover. Also, they literally add water to the beer to achieve that low A.B.W., meaning you’ll stay MORE hydrated, get less drunk, and enjoy the taste of watered down beer, for the same price! SCORE!

4. Sharky’s food is better at lunchtime.

So what if they are known for their breakfast burritos? They serve them ALL day! Hit Sharky’s up around one for the best seats, service, and food! (Then head over to the mountain around 2:30pm to end a magical, Colorado day!)

5. The best powder can be found on the Winter Park Side.

We’re talking, carving on clouds! Village Way has some major pow caches…so does Larry Sale. But you’ll have to hunt for them. As the famous philosopher, Nicholas Sparks once said, “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.” Just keep that in mind while you’re searching for those powder hoards…

6. There is no need to ride any other lift than the

You get to stand up and look down through the cracks at the ground 50 – 1,000 feet below! (AMAZING!) Looking for the second most “rad” lift? Take a ride on the Looking Glass! There’s barely ever a line and let’s talk about comfy seats…like cinderblocks. Just make sure to wrap your leg around the pole for added safety…

7. Weekend skiing is where it’s at.

Weekends might be a bit crowded, but they are definitely the most fun! After all, more people, means better people watching, which means more fun! If you’re looking for the less crowded runs, we recommend checking out these hidden gems, March Hare, Parkway, Cranmer, and Dilly Dally Alley.

8. Sunspot has the BEST food on the mountain!

It is SO cheap too…if you keep in mind that you are mostly paying for the views. Eat up and enjoy!

9. Groomers trump all other runs.

We’re talking smooth sailing people. The snow cats have done all the work for you…all you have to do is carve away your day on the mountain. Powder, bumps, and trees are overrated people! Groomers RULE!

10. Aspen has WAY better skiing.

Easily 10 times better skiing over there! Plus, they’re way posher, get less snow, have a shorter season, have fewer runs, and are MUCH more expensive! Who doesn’t like traffic jams, breaking the bank, and having the privilege of parking next to beamers all day, errr-day? (It’s basically like driving them…right?)

There you have it!