The joys of a road trip have been a uniquely American experience since the days of covered wagons. Back then, of course, when we loaded our wagons with everything we owned and began our travels, there was no GPS to guide us, no roadside diners to feed us, and often there wasn’t even a home to shelter us against the elements, which probably made an early trip to Winter Park in the spring months slightly scary! Today, however, your comfortable car is loaded with suitcases and ski gear, your teens have their ear buds in and their attention turned to the tiny screens in their hand, and the roads are paved, smooth, and all leading to your Winter Park spring escape and an adventure in fun and comfort in our Visit Winter Park Lodging abodes!

Did we Say Ski Gear?

In other parts of the world, spring is when the snow melts and the flowers begin to push their way through the fertile soil, but in Winter Park, spring is still a winter like wonderland! The 2021-2022 ski season is not scheduled to end until May 3rd, ensuring many more fun runs down the slopes are in your future. If space is limited in your car, however, you can leave the skis at home and rent all the equipment you need at any of the sporting good shops in town, including Beaver’s Sports Shop, Epic Mountain Sports, and on the mountain at Winter Park Ski Resort!

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Spring Bash & Splash, April 2nd through April 24

Celebrating the end of winter with a big party is always a great idea and the weekends in April are destined to be your favorite time to visit as you participate in our Spring Bash & Splash. Offering live music, tasty food, and a variety of special events destined to be the highlights of your road trip, there’s never a bad time for a party in Winter Park, Colorado!

Cozens Ranch Museum, 77849 US Highway 40 in Fraser

If you truly want to understand what those early settlers encountered when they took part in their own road trips with an end destination to the Winter Park area, the Cozens Ranch Museum will paint a clear picture! At different times during its lifespan, the museum has been a stagecoach stop providing food and shelter to weary travelers, home to the local sheriff, and a prosperous cattle ranch. Today it serves as a window into the past and promises to be an intriguing and entertaining adventure during your road trip to Winter Park!

Blue Sky Massage, 21 Telemark Drive Unit 201 in Winter Park

All those hours spent behind the wheel of your road trip are sure to add some kinks, aches, and pains to your tired muscles, so why not spend some of your vacation hours enjoying the pampering that is provided by Blue Sky Massage? Offering a variety of spa packages, their tourist package is a great one for travelers who may have trouble adjusting to the altitude of Winter Park. Combining aromatherapy and massage, you will walk out of Blue Sky ready to conquer the world!

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Take a Road Trip to Winter Park within a Road Trip

Now that you have had a few days to relax and get the kinks out, you may be looking to explore more of the Colorado country side with another road trip to Winter Park, one that begins and ends in your Visit Winter Park Lodging spring escape! The landscape of Colorado is a joy to see and there are some unique places to visit, including the west portal of the Moffat Tunnel. Built in the late 1920s, the concrete structure maintains an art deco vibe popular to the area and still provides a portal for trains to go through today. The gateway to the Rocky Mountains lies just 35 miles away from our own mountain town, and just 30 miles away you will find the town of Hot Sulphur Springs. The hot springs in Hot Sulphur Springs will definitely take care of any lingering travel pains that the massage at Blue Sky was unable to conquer!

Explore the Comforts of your Visit Winter Park Lodging Spring Sanctuary

After that long car ride, you may not feel like doing anything more strenuous than hanging out at home and we are perfectly ok with that! Many of our Visit Winter Park Lodging properties come with a hot tub out under the stars, access to community amenities, or even fire pits around which you can stay warm, roast marshmallows, and tell your favorite ghost stories! Stay up late into the night, watching the sky change as the stars all come out to play and pull the curtains closed in your cozy bedroom retreat, to keep the sun from waking you up too early. Reserve your favorite Visit Winter Park Lodging spring sanctuary today! Contact us now.


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