As world restrictions have begun lifting, we find ourselves craving something we never knew we would miss until we had to live without it for a few years. The annual family vacation was cancelled, as were all travel plans, and we were all forced to find new ways to entertain as we participated in virtual schooling, working, and even museum and zoo tours. Today, however, the end is in sight and as borders begin opening once again you may find yourself planning a family fun vacation in our beautiful mountain home town of Winter Park, Colorado. Offering idyllic landscapes, crisp and clean country air, and a variety of family adventures that will be enjoyed by the entire family, the only thing better than a Winter Park vacation is a family vacation in Winter Park spent luxuriating in the comforts offered by our Visit Winter Park Lodging family escapes! This guide to fun, adventure, and comfort will ensure that every minute of your stay will be ones you wish could go on forever!

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Enjoy Hiking on Your Winter Park Vacation

Exercise is important and when you are on vacation in Colorado it won’t seem like exercise when you hike to where the wildflowers are! The trails that go along Jim Creek are easy ones, allowing even the smallest legs to do a lot of walking on their own. (We can’t promise that the hike won’t end with a toddler sitting on the shoulders of dad, but those are memories you will look back on fondly when they are grown and living on their own!) The trails here offer fields of wildflowers, forests of lodge pole pine and Aspens, and the occasional wildlife encounter, much to the delight of families from all over the world!

The Family that Rides Together has so Much More Fun!

Every 12 year old girl (and more than a few 12 year old boys!) go through a horse crush stage and you can make your tweens dreams come true when you take part in a guided horseback ride offered through High Country Trails! Located in Fraser, this experience takes riders through some of Winter Park’s most breathtaking landscapes and offers hours of memories you will never forget. The horses are all well trained and friendly, the guides are knowledgeable and personable, and the views will change your life and when you see the smiles that light up your kiddos faces, you know you won’t be able to hold back your own grins of glee!

Angler’s Delight

As our kids grow older they don’t want to spend as much time with us as they did when they were little and we admit it, that hurts more than a little bit. Family vacations are designed to bring that togetherness back and as you grab your poles, bait boxes, and cooler full of snacks and beverages it is time to head to the Fraser River for a morning of bonding experiences. The Fraser River is known as one of the best fishing spots in the region, offering more than its fair share of different varieties of trout. Winter Park Flyfisher offers guided fishing trips in the area, teaching budding fishermen and women all the secrets to fly fishing, embedding in them a lifelong love of the sport!

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What’s for Dinner?

In real life those 3 words can wreak havoc in a busy household of people, but during your family fun vacation in Winter Park, they are just the start of some new and delicious adventures! Pig out on pizza from Hernando’s Pizza Pub (78199 US-40, Winter Park) dive into your favorite all-American dishes at Doc’s Roadhouse (201 Winter Park Drive, Winter Park) or savor some good old-fashioned barbecue at Smokehouse BBQ (78656 US-40, Winter Park)! Every craving will be satisfied no matter which restaurant you choose and when you are seeking, Carver’s Bakery Café, 78336 US-40, Winter Park has the hearty breakfasts your family needs to keep them energized throughout a day of Colorado adventures!

Come Home To Visit Winter Park Lodging

The best part of any family getaway is the time you spend together as a family and our Visit Winter Park Lodging escapes offer comfort and convenience as you do so! Enjoy movie nights watching big screen televisions from the comfort of plush sofas, munching on popcorn made fresh in our fully equipped kitchens. Unplug for a few hours and gather round large dining tables playing board games provided by many of our homeowners for that exact use, building puzzles, or learning the finer points of a rousing game of go fish. Read your youngest kids books as you cuddle together in cloud soft beds, scroll through Tik Tok with your teens, laughing at the antics on the screen, and when the house is quiet and everyone else is asleep, sip a glass of wine and relax in front of a roaring fire with your favorite traveling partner, recapping the wonders of all your adventures so far.

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