Is there any greater joy in life than the taste of an ice-cold beer? On summer days it signifies that a job has been well done or that the party is about to begin. In the fall, the spicier tastes of pumpkin porters add a taste adventure to our days and in the winter, the heavier flavors ensure that we stay warm no matter what the temperatures are outside. And although the wine was once the champion of drinks, leaving beer drinkers to be classified as average joes, today’s craft breweries have elevated the status of the drink we all love to heights that wine could only hope to enjoy! In real life you may not get the opportunity to partake in your favorite beverage as often as you would like, thanks to work, school, and, of course, driving, but when your vacation journey brings you to Winter Park and a stay in one of our Visit Winter Park Lodging seasonal sanctuaries, this guide to our favorite breweries will ensure that your visit is hearty, refreshing, and hopping with good times!

Big Trout Brewing Company, 50 Vasquez Road

The environment is very important to Colorado residents and Big Trout offers an eco-conscious high efficiency brewing system that does very little damage to the natural side of Winter Park while still managing to provide the good taste beer drinkers crave. Locally owned and operated and providing a large charitable input into our Winter Park community, the beers range from the light and clean Catamount Kölsh to the unusually named Drunken Frenchmen described as a Barley Wine, every beer they offer is delicious, refreshing, and reduces water waste by about 20 to 30 percent!

Hideaway Park Brewery, 78927 US-40

Originally known as Hideaway Park, Winter Park changed its name in the late 1970s to reflect the nature of our town, just as Hideaway Park Brewery reflects the history of the region. Open every day of the week from noon to 9 PM, the beers served at this establishment represent the best Colorado has to offer. The ever-changing list of beers on tap range from the Arapaho Amber to the experimental IPA known as Humulus # 49, and because they also offer to-go beers, you can take your favorite and enjoy it in the comfort of your Visit Winter Park Lodging escape! Their dog-friendly patio is always a great place to enjoy their drinks with a few four-legged fur babies for companionship!

The Peak, 78491 US-40

Because man (or woman!) can not live on beer alone, the pub grub-focused menu of the Peak ensures that no one will be left hungry! Enjoy their Wild Game Burger with a Ghost Writer, an American Amber with 6.4 % ABV, or an ancho chili-rubbed Elk Tenderloin with a pitcher of Peso, their Mexican Lager, and leave feeling all is right with the world. Don’t forget to save room for dessert as their S’mores Chocolate Cake is practically world-famous, but if you choose to enjoy their Chocolate Milk Stout (No Diggity) in place of an actual dessert no one will blame you!

Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant, 78737 US-40 #1000

In keeping with the newly elevated status of craft beers, Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant provides a dining and drinking experience that will make you feel special! Also offering a long list of locally produced spirits, including Idlewild Vodka, Rocky Mountain Silver Rum, and a white whiskey that will keep you warm on the coldest of days, this special brewpub is destined to be the highlight of your Winter Park adventures! Served tapa style, the food menu of Idlewild includes innovative delights that will impress your taste buds, especially if you like the spice; their Za’atar Shishito Peppers and Chorizo Green Chile Queso are our latest obsessions, but we can honestly say that everything they serve could be considered our favorite! Their beers are local and refreshing offering up unusual names such as New Holland Dragons Milk and Odell Isolation Ale; can you tell we absolutely love our times at Idlewild?

Camber Brewing Company, 365 Zerex Street in Fraser

Winer Park doesn’t have a monopoly on breweries as you will soon learn from your visit to the Camber Brewing Company in our next-door neighbor town of Fraser. This mom-and-pop Winter Park brewery, started by a man who had a dream and the desire to spend more time with his family, offers a cozy ambiance that makes every guest feel welcome and a variety of beers that reflect his passion for the hops. Their Camber Amber is delicious and fun to say, but we suggest that you pay equal attention to every brew on tap or risk missing out on the taste sensation of a lifetime!

Fraser River Beer Co., 218 Eisenhower Drive in Fraser

Another Winter Park brewery in Fraser is Fraser River Beer Co! This brewery was born when two very different people with very different strengths and goals came together over their shared love of beer. The beer here is brewed in small, handcrafted batches using the finest, Colorado-grown malt, hops, and yeast they can source! As an added bonus to the great beer here, there is also Shreddy’s Taco Truck parked on the lawn of Fraser River Beer Co. Stop by for a bite before or after enjoying this brewery!

Vicious Cycle Brewing, 751 South Zerex Street in Fraser

The last Winter Park brewery on our list is Vicious Cycle Brewing! The name of this brewery refers to ‘the vicious cycle of life,’ which is where the two owners found themselves in 2014 and they decided to make a change. Now, after starting their business they strive to help others break out of their ‘vicious cycles’. So stop by today to enjoy great beer, Asian fusion food from the food truck outside Phlavor, and break out of your vicious cycle of life!

Come Home to Visit Winter Park Lodging

As you hop from brewery to brewery (using the free Lift bus system services and designated drivers, of course!) you will have the happiest of times but coming home to your Visit Winter Park Lodging sanctuary will truly bring you joy. Reserve your favorite today!